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ProPoints Lucylis's food diary! :-)


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Well three weeks in and after losing 8.5lb in the first 2 weeks I gain 3.5lb this week! totally confused as to why! Been advised to try the no pointing and just eating the foods highlighted in green, with anything else being taken from 49 weeklies! so going to give it a try for 2 weeks and see what happens!

I will post my food on here, including recipes! and hopefully will see if there is anything I am doing wrong or need to change! and maybe inspire people with my recipes he he:D

UPDATE: after trying this today I decided this is not what I joined ww for! so I am going back to counting my points and using wp for treats! I will post everything in here ..... so be gretaful of any tips pointers... any errors u see etc!
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today so far I have had:

oats so simple (3pp) and skimmed milk (1pp) with a banana. Pint of water.

Lunch: 2 slices of ww malted bread, (3pp)one tbs of extra light mayo (1 pp ) 3 bacon medallions (2pp?)(no fat) two tomatoes and lettuce!
6 extra large prawns (1pp)
Pint of water.

memo to self... need to drink more water :)

for tea I am having:
chicken fillet! (4pp)they are ones you get from asda, assuming they are medium but may weigh to make certain! cooked in Passata with garlic, lime juice and fresh corriander! topped with peppers and onions served with more roasted veg :) Jacket potato Only had half about 150g (3pp)

think I am going to make some home made houmous.... tinned chick peas few tbs, teaspoon of tahini (1pp) and 2 tsp of sesamee oil (no pp on this plan) good squeeze of lemon juice and some garlic! blend all together and fab snack for 1pp. will have with cucumber, carrot and celery!
I absolutely love houmous, so may have this everyday :) just try different flavours... hmm lets see! roasted red pepper or corriander, or jalapeno! yum yum :) will have to work out PP on this tomorrow! haven't made it yet so not in daily points
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nice to see you on here :) hope you manage to figure it out, hopefully that and more will come off next week.


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Had tea as above with half a jacket potato! Not made houmous yet, wil make it tommorrow! ... So pretty full right now! Not sure what all that would add upto but seen as DONT need to count I haven't but might through curiosity!


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well I decided to point up what I had, as not happy at not being able to follow the diet I signed upto do! and for all that it only worked out 18pp...hmmmm I am allowed 29pp a day! dont get me wrong I did feel full but I already felt deprived that I could not have crisps or chocolate if I wanted it! so decided to continue with pointing despite consultants advice! and If I dont lose next week... then its back to drawing board!

so just had a curly wurly 3pp which I really enjoyed! I am now having some scampi fries my absolute favourite 3pp which takes my days total to : 24pp :)

I will post each day with my menus and would welcome some comments and support as my dieting journey is really begining to suck! as I never seem to get past the half stone mark:cry:
Hey hun! Found u!

4 bacon medallions is 3pp... So for for 2 is probs right...

Hellmans extra light Mayo is free for one tbsp... :) hope that helps keep it up xx


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thanks Carly cant believe Hellmans extra light is free for tbs :)

I am really confused today about the diet! real tug of war going on! one part of me wants to do what the consultant advised and the other half wants to do points! so scared of putting weight on again :-(


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aw, don't lose hope hun, you're doing so well.
blips happen i'm afraid, do what you think best and what you're happy with.

keep posting you're diaries hun and try not to get stressed as it can have an adverse effect on weight losses.
Hun it's your diet - for u! Do what u think is right lovely :) xx


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Just popped in for a wee read Lis ,look forward to reading more ,might try your humous recipe I love it tooo . good luck x
Hey hun! Hope lipotrim works out for u! Hugs x

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