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LucyLous diary - soup??


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I was wondering if it was ok to come back with my tail between my legs? Ive messed around for 5 months now and havent lost an ounce (well I did but Im yoyo'ing!). Now I have a year to my wedding. Ill have to be looking for dresses in December and hope to loose a fair bit between now and then. At least that way if I only have a stone or two left I can slim down once my dress is bought and get it altered.

Im my own worst enemy :cry:. I comfort eat all the time. ive even started to hide my eating from my hubby. I have to do this. I will do this!

Im going along to my local ww meeting tomorrow at lunchtime. Im going to need serious stern talking to keep me on the straight and narrow. Im looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better.

Louise x
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Hi Louise, im a Louise too. I have been like you yo yoing for a looooong time and have decided this time is IT for me i WILL do this and look forward to reading how you get on.

I bet you will love dress shopping i went with my friend last year and i was trying all the dresses on ahahahahaha


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LMAO!!! Were you really! Ive never been dress shopping before with anyone. Im really looking forward to it! Im more or less a size 18 :sigh: now so I figure even if I was a 16 trying on the dresses I could get it taken in to a 14 or smaller :D


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey welcome :) .. Im sure you will do it this time :) ..good luck hun on your journey xx


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Ok so today is officially D Day! Going to my local class at 12.45 and if Im really honest I scared. I have joined so many times but have lost the motivation somewhere along the way. Im pleading with myself to just do it and shut up moaning about it but already I feel Im failing :cry:

I do not want to be a fat bride but what if I dont make it?
Louise good luck at the class. Dont be scared i was huge and went to unislim before and look everyone is in the same boat, all there for the same reason. You will be fine and you wont be a fat bride dont stress,im getting married next yr aswell still on cd so i cant be fat either!!! Let us know how you get on.

becky x
Hey, good luck at class. you will do it as you have the motivation of your wedding. That's was my motivation when I first joined WW years ago. I lost 2.5 stone in 11 months and although I was still about 1.5 stone away from goal, which I knew I'd not reach in time, I looked and felt fab.

I only popped back on the wagon last week and so far things have been ok.

Sharon x
Hey good luck with your class, let us know how you get on. I just joined last week, wasnt the best week my sons 2nd birthday (cake!!)and fathers day (more cake!! Hehe) all in one week, just went to the gym more and lost 2 1/2 pounds.
If you comfort eat, buy some weight watchers yoghurts their only 1/2 point each or snack a jacks are only 1+1/2 points. So you can still comfort eat just a little better!!
Why dont you cut out a picture of a wedding dress that you would love and put a photo of your head on it and stick it to the fridge for motivation?


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good luck for today, were all here to support you x:D


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Ok so it wasnt too bad after all. My weight is a shocking 15stone 4 lbs but I lost 2 lbs since I was there last so in total so far with ww Ive lost 10.5lbs!

Really looking forward to getting stuck in now! Am gonna have chicken and those amoy straight to wok noodles later with lots of veg and a low fat sauce. Going on a walk too when I get home :D

"I will be a skinny mini"

Well done LucyLou!!! Good for you for restarting...just don't be too hard on yourself! I guarantee if you stick to this you will lose the weight...xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Yay well done you ! .... brilliant progress so far :) WW rocks! hehe
Hpe you enjoyed your tea we had noodles last night, really yummy!
Have a great week x


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Morning all. Well....for some reason I cant log on to minimins at home in the evenings. The connection takes forever....I do have boradband though??

Anyway its Day 1 for me! I have my menu done out for the day and Im armed with a bottle of water on my desk.

Menu for today is:
Rice Krispies 1.5pts
Skimmed milk 1pt

Wafer thin ham 1pt
Salad 0pts
2 ryvita 1pt
Low fat mayo 1pt
A low fat yoghurt 1pt
150g of strawberries 0.5pts

Pork chop 5pts
Brown rice (60g) 3pts
Veg 0pts
Curry powder 0pts

Apple 0.5pts
Banana 1.5pts

So I have 17 used for the day so far and Im allowed 23 so I might have a ww bar or something later on.


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Morning all :)
So its day 2 in the ww house!! Yesterday went fine! I had everything on my menu so last night I had a marks and spencers count on us chocolate muffin dessert! OMG!! Its heaven and only 2.5pts!!! So I managed to save 2.5 points from yesterday.

It was very quiet here yesterday?? Was everyone hiding :missing: lol!!

Anyway I have my menu done out again for the day. Dont know if Im to post my food diary on here or not??

I have a couple of nights out coming up. Im not really worried about the food or the drink Im just scared about not having nice things to wear. Im tired of looking frumpy IYKWIM!


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This is probably a silly question but Ill ask anyway :D

I had a pork chop for dinner last night. In the book its 5 points for 235g of chop. I weighed mine and it was 175g. Can I divide that up to be about 3.5points then?

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