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Lucy's ww food diary

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by LucyNewMum, 14 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Well-Known Member

    Hi all I'm a weight watchers newbie. I had my first class last night which went well

    I've been put on the simple start plan but tbh I'm not keen- looks a bit like the sw plan (but I've never done that so not sure). I prefer structure and with a toddler and a 4 month old I need more variety and easy options I think :/

    I've downloaded the ww app which gives me 35 points a day so I might just crack on with the points system :)

    Starting weight: 14st7.5

    Goal weight: 11st (I'm 5'9)

    Good luck to everyone else on their journey :) Any points advice appreciated as my leader hasn't told me much about it. Thank :)
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  3. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Well-Known Member

    So I'm going with the points flow, but since leader hasn't really told me much I'm just going from google and the ww app.

    B- 35g porridge oats (3)
    150ml skim milk (1)

    L- tesco chicken soup (5)
    Shape yoghurt (3)
    Apple (0)

    D- 3 LM sausages (5)
    Spaghetti hoops (3)
    Ww bread (2)
    Laughing cow light (1)

    S- muller rice (5)
    Milk for teas (1)

    Total- 29/35
  4. Emmaline

    Emmaline The Tortoise

    Hi Lucy, Congrats on the new pregnancy and well done on your loss so far.
    That's a very good reason for wanting to get healthy and lose those excess pounds.
    Take care and all the best to you.. :)
  5. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Well-Known Member

    Thank you :) I'm not pregnant now tho my little one is now 4 months

    I haven't updated here but still going strong. It's my first weigh in tonight eek!

    I didn't like the simple start plan so I've jumped straight into pointing and have used all my weeklies as had a leaving get together with some friends and had lots of wine! But hoping to still have a little loss :)

    Food yesterday

    Porridge 3
    Skim milk 1

    2 ww bread 3
    Laughing cow light 1
    Ham 1
    Tomato soup 7

    Uncles bens savoury rice 6
    Sweet corn 2

    Hot choc 1
    Milk for tea 1

    No weeklies left

    Joined weightwatchers 13th march
    Start weight 14st7.5
    Goal weight 11st :)
  6. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Well-Known Member

    Weight in was on thur and lost 6.5LBS!!! Yay so happy especially as I'd had lots of wine

    Sw- 14st7.5
    Cw- 14st 1
    Gw- 11st

    Joined weightwatchers 13th march
    Start weight 14st7.5
    Goal weight 11st :)
  7. Shez__x

    Shez__x Well-Known Member

    excellent loss :) well done!!!

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