lunch dinner recipes/ induction


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When I was on induction I often had a good fried breakfast to start the day, that or scrambled egg and bacon bits. Lunch was often based around pre cooked legal meals I'd take into work and nuke.

I've also eaten pepperoni's home made meat balls etc.

I found on induction I had to pretty much make most of my own stuff 'cos I didn't trust what was in the shops.


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I use to make tuna cakes, which are yummy!

1 egg white
1 tin tuna
1 shallot or a quarter of an onion
1 quarter red pepper both finely diced
Salt, Pepper & any other herbs spice (sugar free of course)

Mix well, then make into pattie shapes & fry until golden.

With a salad & some dressing, they are lovely.


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ZoBo they sound gorgeous, going to try making those one of the days I'm off work! :)