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Lunch ideas EE


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Hi all

I need some packed lunch ideas for work. We do have a microwave but i'd rather not use it as i'm sure it has it's own alien life force growing inside.:eek:
Today i had Tuna, pasta, red onion and sweetcorn mixed with a tbsp of extra light Hellmans.
I tend to use my HXB for breakfast too.

Any ideas gratefully recieved ;)

Winny x
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I usually have pasta salads, noodle salad and rice salads. If i'm too cold for salads, I have left overs lol.

I like a nice noodle salad me- cooked drained egg noodles, courgette, carrot, scallion, peppers with soy sauce and mixed herbs. :D I also just throw stuff together- a pile of veggies and whatever base, sometimes with meat (chicken pieces, bacon, tuna etc). :) I'm lazy so it needss to be quick for me.


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Think with the cold weather approaching, i think i'd be inclined to give the microwave a good clean so i could use it.
Then heating up leftovers would be a good option ( purposly cook too much to incorperate 'leftovers')
*Jacket potatoes and beans and cheese HEA or syns or any other topping you like, tuna and sweetcorn mayo, chilli con carne,

*Frittatas and tortillias - cold or can be reheated

*homemade soups


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salads - not boring ones, add in chopped apple, figs, oranges, grapes to jazz them up

Leftover roast veggies and cous cous - all you need to do is pour water over the cous cous and come back in 5 minutes.

Cook extra new potatoes and mix with extra light mayo and yoghurt, herbs, veggies and some sort of protien, even your HEA cheese to make a potato salad for 1.5 syns (mayo).

Mix your HEA cheese in with quark the night before and in the morning grab some raw veggies for cheesy dip and crudités.

Take a flask with soup in, heated up in the morning before you leave for work

Invest in a food flask to keep meals warm, so you can take different things from soup if you really really dont want to use the micro.

Personally I would clean the micro, fling in a bowl of water with a slice of lemon in. Put on full power, it will steam and freshen the micro. Good scrub, bobs your auntie.


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Wow Lexie dog! Lots of ideas there!
Believe me i have cleaned the micro many many times and am fighting a losing battle.
Loving the coucous with veggies and maybe i could try a special fried rice thingy?? That could work too...
Also.... are figs free?



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Not only are they free, they are superfree and a Speed food! Fresh only mind, canned, cooked or dried would be synned.

I have once sliced through my salad for tomorrow.


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i do a casserole in my slow cooker and bring portions to work to heat up in the microwave. I am also a fan of making a stir fry the night before, adding prawns / chicken / quorn to a bunch of veg - beansprouts, mangetout, mushrooms etc then chili, garlic, ginger and soy sauce. Its divine! Today i had without noodles or rice, but you could easily add them in on a EE day.

Other things i do is microwave omelettes, pasta n sauce reheated the next day is good too, cous cous (just add hot water!) packets of savoury rice with extra veg and quorn or chicken thrown in - the choices are endless!!

enjoy xx

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