Lunch struggles


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My favourites when not doing EE are:
ASDA chick pea dhal in jacket or with veg
Light super noodles with lots of stir fried veg and added soy sauce
Cheese burger! (HEX a for cheese and HEX B for bun)
Home made soup (preferably pea/lentil base)
Tesco tinned stewed steak and veg
Cooked chicken with homemade coleslaw and salad

but a lot of the time I eat...........leftovers!

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Savoury rice (green)
salad (always a winner and REALLY boosted my loss last time)
Jacket pot with beans/tuna (as a Heb on green), quorn chilli (bulk cook) - anything pretty much!
My fave is pasta topped with baked beans & 42g rf cheddar :D


I usually have one of the following, when I am at work:

1) Savoury rice (Tesco chicken flavour) made up the night before - I really like it cold!
2) Pasta with roast veg and a tbsp red pesto
3) Smoked salmon with lettuce and baby plum tomatoes, a dollop of quark and fresh lemon juice
4) A jacket potato with beans (and maybe a v small portion of cheese)
5) Humous with chopped carrots, celery and cucumber, some grapes, and a sliced pitta bread

If I am at home I might have:

1) An omlette with baked beans
2) SW carbonara
3) Pasta in sauce


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Pita filled with salad and hummous
Jacket Potatoe
Baked Beans, Egg and SW chips
Refried Beans with some brown rice
Veggie Soup and Sandwich (2 ww bread as HXB)
Stuffed Omlette
Super Noodles Low Fat


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I like to have:
Beans or scrambled egg (or both) on toast;
Ham and cheese or tuna and cheese toasties (using frylight);
Ham and pineapple mixed with yogurt and put on a jacket potato;
BLT made with weight watchers bacon and extra light mayo;
Ham and cheese or ham and chicken sandwich;
Spaghetti hoops on toast;
Chicken and ham salad.

I try to have either a side salad made with speed foods with these or have speed food fruits in natural yoghurt for afters!!!


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Hi my name is mary, How are you? I am a nutritionist and have a variety of lunch ideas ranging from egg whites, to whole wheat with a protein. The trick is to combine carbs and protein in every meal.. whats the occasion to lose weight?


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Somewhere on the forum there's a post about microwave steamer bags. I haven't used them myself but have heard good things. If you're looking for easy work lunches and have a microwave then apparently you can fill these bags with just about anything and they cook them in just a few minutes. Try a search for them.

I don't go out to work personally but I can imagine that work lunches would be tricky to keep exciting!