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Lunch time ideas for college


I am new to this forum and wondered if you could help. I have been on the diet for four weeks now and my son wants to start it too. He is nineteen and at college and we are struggling what to make him for lunch. He has no access to a microwave/cooking facilities and nowhere to sit and eat a meal. I wondered if anyone as any ideas for lunches on the go. We are both doing the extra easy diet. many thanks :)
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I will watch this thread with interest as i am also at college and struggling with lunches! I too have no way of warming food!
So far I have been taking pasta that i've cooked before mixed with things like ham, spring onion, cucumber and tomatoes but i'm getting a bit bored of pasta!
I generally use my HEXB for breakfast so can't use bread to make sandwiches for lunch unless i sin the bread!


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The question of lunches comes up on a weekly basis so if you do a search I'm sure you'll get lots of great ideas. The obvious solution is to get a food flask and have soup/chilli/curry/stew etc. The SW quiche can be adapted in a multitude of ways to fit with any plan and makes for a great take-along lunch. Then you have pasta/rice/cous cous salads with a variety of veggies and dressings. There must surely be somewhere your son can sit and eat, after all don't colleges have canteens?
Thanks for your help. There is a canteen at college but you know what they are like at that age. He likes to wander into town with his mates. This is why I wondered if there was anything he could eat on the go. many thanks


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my other half always makes up a pasta n sauce in the morning and takes that in a food flask for his work!

could always make up scotch eggs and take a couple of them or a nice salad. x
Tortilla wraps are nice with a bean salad filling or tuna or chicken (you can put anything into them really). I must admit, I tend to have a mug shot and a muller light yoghurt or I make a pasta salad. Often take in cold leftovers as well, but am fortunate I have access to a microwave. Cous cous salad is another good alternative to pasta - but know what you mean about how repetitive it can all get.
i'd suggest picking a few uncle bens micro rice, wack em in the micro in morn for few mins, chuck in a tubberwear box and take with.

3 slices of ww brown danish bread, with various fillings and low syn crispy, fruit and carrot sticks with a dip?

pasta salads..
Thanks for all your ideas

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