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lunch time syn value?



Is so very nearly there!
im having vegtable chow mein for lunch, any idea of syn value on green, they have chicken (7syns) on the website but cant find it for veg, what do you think i should count it as?
are you making yourself?
no i bought it lol but i dont think it can be that high if chicken is 7syns on a green day then surely it cant be much
i know but surely the 7syns is mainly for chicken on green, i just want to be able to accuratly gauge it, obviously it will be less but jsut wondering if anyone knew how much exactly


Is so very nearly there!
ha ha ha I aint got a clue as Im sure there wasnt a lot of chicken in it was there?



Call me Nicky xx
Well I dont know exactly but this is what I would do. 7 syns with Chicken (assuming chicken is used as a HE it would equate to 5.5 or 6 syns) therefore if you dont have the chicken the chowmein would be 1.5 or 1 syns, I would go for 2 to cover it and the veg is free. Thats just me though xx
hmmm, i think maybe ill be on the safe side, count 5 (there seemed to be a bit of oil) and then allow myself upto 15 including this for the day so even if it is less i will be having about 10-15 syns today
it was eaten AGES ago lol. i burnt my tongue too :(


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Ow .. I burnt the top of my mouth the other day with a bit of cooked fresh tomato.. had a blister and everything!! So know how you feel.. Mini milk lollies make it feel better ;)

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