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No Coffee, No Workee
Its delicious!!!
Cook some chicken (cubed) in a pan with some frylight, then when browned add some chinese five spice and a can of diet coke (I usually add peppers and mushrooms with the chicken too).
Turn up heat a little and let diet coke evaporate until almost all gone, but sticky.
Serve with stir fry veg or salad...delicious!!!
On an EE day, you could make it with noodles too.
Hmm..not sure on that one!! All I know is that it works with diet coke.
I tried it a couple of nights ago and although the chicken was nice and tender (took forever for the coke to reduce) it never hit that sticky quality .. more just a sweet marinated taste.
But lovely all the same! :)


No Coffee, No Workee
OK. Big mistake. HUGE. :sign0137:

Was I the only person in the world who didn't know that Chinese Five Spice powder had Star Anise in it? I didn't bother checking, just put the stuff on my Tesco order. I can't abide the taste or smell of any form of aniseed, I won't have it in the house, it makes me boak. :yuk:

So, when I unwittingly chucked the spices and diet coke in the pan and my kitchen immediately filled with the smell of aniseed... well, you can imagine the look on my face.

I am so blonde some days. (No offence meant to any blondes!) :giggle:

I now have to work out how to dispose of the disgusting stuff later on, I can still smell it and taste it in the air. *shudder*

Thank gods for frozen bolognese sauce as a backup.
Oh dear! Lol!!!
I suppose you could try it with ginger? Its just to get that chinese take-away taste really.
To get the stickiness, turn the heat up after you have almost cooked the chicken through, yes, the diet coke takes ages to reduce, but it does happen eventually.


Minimins is the best!
i didnt like the taste of aniseed either so i added some bovril!! weird i know but it reduced the taste and was really nice!!
the only thing is ive read on here somewhere that u shouldnt heat diet coke as something in it reacts badly when heated...just so you know!!!!
I think its fab, I make the sauce to go with steak, burgers, in fact just about anything!

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