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Lush - my stuff arrived


Fed up of being fat
The bits I ordered from Lush arrived this morning, which was quick, I paid for 3-5 days delivery and ordered it the night before ... great stuff!!

Im a Lush virgin so Ive not used their products before, but after reading on here that peeps treat themselves I thought I would try too ... "treats that you cant eat"!! Really hope Ive not made disastorous purchases? ...lol I have some experimenting to do with this lot over the next couple of weeks!!

I have bought:
Sweetie soap stack
Marilyn Hair moisturiser
The Blonde shampoo
Jungle conditioner

It all looks a lot different to what Im used to thats for sure ..... have I made ok purchases do you think?

What do you buy / have bought from there and how do you rate it?
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My box of goodies arrived this morning too! I've just got out of a "Ne worry pas" bath which was blissful :D I laid in the bath sipping fizzy water out of champagne glass :p

Now I feel like I've had a real treat!

I love Lush bath ballistics!

(no, I don't work for Lush, lol)


Fed up of being fat
Yes I ordered on line as I dont have a Lush shop near me. Lush Times Online, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics ... Im unsure about the smell of some of my things though ... lol .... the aromacreme .. ummm ... to me it smells like original fairy soap (the old stuff my mum used when I was a kid)?!


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Erm, I was so caught up in the excitement of my parcel arriving, I forgot to answer the question! What have I bought and how do I rate it.....

I just bought loads of bath ballistics and some bath melts. I love nearly all of them. Some are better for morning, to wake you up, sort of zesty zingy stuff. Some are great for relaxing at night, the kids one is v nice for this, Ickle baby bath I think it's called. It's smaller and cheaper than the others too.

With the big bath ballistics I smash them into smaller pieces because some are huge and it seems a waste to put the whole lot in one bath. I had to find a new way of breaking them though after I discovered that putting them in a sock and swinging them at the bathroom tiles really wasn't a very popular idea. 3 smashed tiles and one unhappy husband later I decided it was better not to do that again!


Fed up of being fat
lol .... oh no ... oooops your tiles!! Made me laugh though .... sorry!!

In my haste to buy off the site I forgot to buy any bath stuff ... lol ... must remember next time. But I do love the radox bubble baths, so Im happy with them for now.


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Good evening - my name is Ruth and I am a lush-a-holic.

I cannot begin to express how much I LOVE lush products - I don't work for them but if I could afford to take the paycut it would be in my top 5 jobs to do :p - everytime I see them advertise jobs I wonder if I should apply for a p/t weekend post as I could do with the staff discount due to the amount I buy ;).

I only use lush products on my hair if I can help it. I love the rehab shampoo and the Veganese conditioner is fabulous - Last year I started to suffer with a really flaky spotty scalp and I tried all the mainstream shampoos from superdrug/boots and nothing helped. I switched to the lush shampoos and have not had a problem since :D.

My favorite ballistics are the butterball (for fabulous moisturisation), black pearl (discontinued :cry:) and honey bee (just because I love the smell of honey mixed with caramelised sugar of this one) which goes really well with the honey I washed the kids soap. NB if you like crunchie bars the honey bee, honey I washed the kids and the ma-bar are a good non-fattening alternative lol ;).

If you feel like your skin needs a drink I really recommend the bath melts - my favorites are you've been mangoed (so fruity - goes nicely with body shop mango body butter afterwards) and the Marshmallow melting moment (smells like pink bubble gum) which goes really nicely with the rock star soap which has a similar fragrance.

My favorite of all the lush bath products are the bubble bar slices - hot milk, creamy candy bar and the ma-bar are my favorites. And at christmas they do a special edition called "hollywood" which is to die for!!!!!!

OK this is turning into a really long self-indulgent rant about my addiction so time to reign myself in.

I think the thing is with lush is that there will be products you absolutely adore and some you may not like at all - what I try to do is look at the ingredients and fragrances in each one and pick products with my favorite ones in. For instance I love jasmine, honey and really fruity smells (hence the ones I have described above) but have found that I dislike anything with vetivert in and do not generally like the smell of things with gardenia extract in (that kind of grassy green smell). If you are not sure what kinds of smells you might like either pop into a shop and have a good snoop or maybe buy one of their pre-packaged selection boxes.
I love Lush too and was thrilled when they opened a store in Telford recently.

I love the bath bombs and the bubble bar slices, my favourite product is a shower gelee and I'm racking my brains to remember what it was called, it was the same name as a cocktail and was blue and white, smelt absolutely heavenly.

I've only tried two hair products and I wasn't keen on the shampoo, but as Ruthlet says you'll like some more than others.

Enjoy your lush :)


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I got this RING OF ROSES as a sample while I was out and about a couple of weeks ago. I've not used any other LUSH product before, but deffo plan a trip into town in the next couple of weeks (when I have stopped weeing like a race horse that is.....I hope it does get better or I won't be able to venture out of the house for more than 20 mins:mad:)

anyway, this is a buttercream?? for the shower I think. It's about £2.50 for 100g, you don't need much per application. You rub it over your dry skin, (not dry as in problem dry, just dry before you get washed) although I'm told these buttercream products are great for dry skin..(which I suffer with), anyway, then you step into the shower and add a bit of water and lather it all up, mmmmm nice soft skin afterwards and a gorgeouse smell... a bit like powdered turkish delight..... aaarrrrggghhh I love powdered TD.


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i just spent a small fortune at body shop but will definately do my next shop at lush. never heard of it b4 but im a real sucker for some good hype lol. thanks ladies xxx


Fed up of being fat
Well I tried the aromacreme .... but really didnt like the smell, well it was ok but not my sort of smell, it really does remind me of old fashioned fairy original soap? Ive given it to my nan shes going to try it save it going to waste, bless her.

The sweetie soap pack I bought smells fab .... I love it .... probably not a good thing that it smells good enough to eat though!! Still have to use them, will be over the weekend when I have peace and quiet for an hour by myself.

The hair products I still have to try out too .... they say it should make my blondish locks more blonder and less dull looking .... Im just hoping I dont end up with bright yellow streaks etc??!! lol Will let you know how I get on.

I like body shop products too ... I like most products actually ... omg Im a productaholic! lol


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I'm a lush addict, their stuff is divine.....

My fave Lush products i think would have to be:

Creamy Candy bubble bar
Ol Blue skies is back shower gel
Fairy jasmine bath ballistic.


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Marilyn and the blonde are fab I have really dark hair but had blonde bits last year which lasted for ever due to these products and they stoppedmy hair getting dry x I also love karma cream honey i washed the kids and the fresh face masks are gorgeous
I love lush too, Honey I washed the kids soap is FAB!!!!!!!!!!

DH loves the prince shaving cream, he suffers with eczema and this is lovely on his skin.

For a treat get a massage bar too, they warm up in the hands and smell divine!!

I like the fresh face packs too, get on every 8 weeks for a treat!!


Fed up of being fat
I highly recommend the "sweetie soap pack" to anyone ... I love it, its fab!! (can you tell I like it) I used teh honey I washed the kids one today ... lovely, I rubbed it onto my puff, it lathers up great, then washed off, my skin was sooo soft and smelt fab .... I used it this morning and I still smell great now and soft!

Also the hair products I bought I also recommend, my hair is soft, looks a bit fuller, looks generally in better condition and indeed a little lighter ... this is according to some of my family members who noticed and I hadnt even told them I was using the stuff.

I cant wait to shop at lush again ... Im going to be a lushaholic too I feel it in my bones ... lol


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I'm desperate to get to Lush now after reading this !

I didn't realise they did such a range, thought it was just those bath balls and soaps, but have now looked online and the stuff looks amazing :)

Thing is I've a very full shelf of bath products already - I seem to have displaced comfort eating onto an obsession with shower gels and lotions :eek:. Healthier I guess .....

Not in town for another 3 weeks so will have to restrain myself until then :(


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more lovely lush

We've just been shopping in our city centre (teaming down rain) and I treated myself to more LUSH products, I only bought a couple of things from there yesterday so thought I would treat myself to some more today:D Got some stuff, some of which Mocha recommended: Bath Bombs = HONEY BEE x 2 (cos they smell totally LUSH) waving not drowning x 1, chelsea garden x 1, then I got some FIGS AND LEAVES soap for my dry hands, then I got a chunk of RING OF ROSES buttercream for the shower, and because I had spent over £10 on NAKED stuff (products without packaging) I could choose a FREE shampoo bar, so I chose the shampoo and conditioner in one called GODIVA!!!! I also got a huge sample of H'suan wen hua, HAIR REPAIR TREATMENT.
It beats spending my money on junk food as usual :D
Everything smells sooooo lurverlly :rolleyes: got to get myself a bath asap, can't wait til I can get a bath without having to see my mountain belly bulging out of the water, oh, and it would be nice not to have to struggle getting out, can just about fit into it LOL that's why I shower instead.


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i have used my 'figs and leaves' soap at least 10 times since we got home from shopping and it is gorgeous. I deffo have become a LUSH aholic.

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