MY Body Overhaul

didn't ache as much as expected from the Tabata yesterday and did quite enjoy it.
went swimming earlier and did 30 laps ended up not going to the gym as feeling bit achy from the swimming and i'm back at work tomorrow. got 2 long days to do followed by 2 12.5 hour nights. so next day off is my sleep day on Sunday. might try and fit some Tabata in at home though and see how the weight loss goes by weigh day on Saturday.

going to have Farjita's for dinner with slimming world wedges. Feeling tired
feeling quite fed up today stuck to plan all week got like 50 syns left over at the end of the week and have barely lost anything 0.4 of a pound so not even half a pound. ive decided im going to have chinese to night and indulge then get bk onto plan tomorrow, new week new start/ i have the left over syns to allow for the indulgence so its not like im going off plan as such. already got tomorrows food planned out and some gardening to do as exercise. hopefully a better week next time.