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Hi everyone,
i have been perusing this site over the last couple of days and have decided to bite the bullet and make my own diary.. ill start with a bit about me

My name is Bec, i'm 29 and have pretty much spent majority of my life overweight. It started when i was 7 my mum and dad split up i stayed with my dad but he was busy running a business so when it came to food i had to sort myself out. Having no idea about nutrition and being a kid i would just eat what i wanted to and as much as i wanted to more often than not.
At 11 years old i moved in with my mum and i already weighed 9 and half stone and was being bullied at school for being fat.
When i was 13 i weighed 10 and half stone and i tried my first diet... slim fast. Back then it was 2 shakes a day and 1 healthy meal in the evening.... and forever feeling hungry. while this diet worked and i lost the weight i wanted to i got very bored very quickly and once i lost the weight and went back to food i very quickly put all the weight on and then some. at 16 i did slim fast again bout couldn't stick to it.
At 19 i was working full time in a factory and had just split up from my then boyfriend and was getting to know myself as a person on my own for the first time in 5 years and started going out drinking with friends and partying and eating crap and i mean serious crap big, fried sausage, bacon egg and tomato breakfast cobs smothered in ketchup for breakfast and a large portion of chips and cheese at lunch. dinner at home would be healthy and giant wedge of cheesecake from the cheesecake shop every Friday.
Yet miraculously somehow i started to lose weight i got down to 11 and half stone again and i felt fantastic...... i put it down to all the dancing i did when i was going out and all the crazy hours i did at work as when any overtime was offered i would take it.
This didn't last. at 21 i got made redundant and spent the next couple of years going through 3 different jobs a couple of periods of being out of work.
A new boyfriend moving in together and struggling to make ends meet meant we had to budget EVERYTHING.. £20 to last for food for 2 for 2 weeks somehow i managed it and my weight pretty much averaged between 12 and half -13 stone.
i then got a job working in a chip shop of all places and at first it was heaven for the junk foodie in me. OMG CHIPS CHIPS and more chips.. pretty soon i got sick of the chips but it became habit it was the easy choice because they were there.

By 27 my weight had rocketed to 15st 13lb it was the biggest i had ever been. i felt like crap i hated the person i saw in the mirror i hated going clothes shopping the only thing i would buy is shoes or handbags or stuff for my bf. He would always tell me how gorgeous i am and how much he loved me just the way i was. the problem was i dint love me.

So after trying calorie counting and getting bored of that my mum and i joined slimming world April 2012. We both started losing weight and would joke about how i always lost double what my mum lost. i put that down to me weighing more than my mum and having more to lose. we started jogging i signed us both up for 10k race for life which at the time seemed pretty ambitious but it gave us a goal. we joined a gym and continued losing. we completed the race for life in the June and felt really proud of ourselves for doing it and for raising over £600 between us for cancer research. by the october i had lost over 2 stone and was fitting back into size 14 clothes again <just>.

December 2012 was when things began to go wrong... i blame it on Christmas it should be banned
busy with the Christmas prep and working and shopping and present wrapping and visiting and all the yummy yummy food i wavered once or twice then thought sod the lot of it, it's Christmas ill get back to slimming world after the new year, But i didn't.
The jogging had stopped because of the weather and the gym going slowly petered out to a complete stop as my mums shifts and mine didn't always match up and we just went back to the way we were before. Oh and i have spent the last year and a half paying for the gym and not going at all yet promising myself that i will be good ill go next week i'm too busy this week.

March 2015 almost present day i'm 29 now i have put all the weight back on that i previously lost although it has took me 2 and a half years to do, although a good stone of it has gone on within the past year at my new job. someone is always ALWAYS bringing in goodies for the staff and it sits there in the staff room SCREAMING at me " eat me you know you want to ... just a little nibble go on.. it wont hurt" to which i pounce on it like a lion on a buffalo.
I'm now back in denial about being a size 20 and refusing to go shopping again squeezing into my old clothes that no doubt have stretched with me insisting that no i'm still size 16-18 no bigger.

March 2nd i thought Sod it something has to be done this is not healthy for me or my future, you see my bf and i have decided come this Christmas we want to start trying for a baby, i mean for crying out loud we have been together 8 years its about time right... lol. i don't want to be a fat mum at the school gate, i don't want my child to get bullied because i am clinically obese. i want to be able to play with my kids run around without getting out of breath a couple of minutes into playtime i want to be able to enjoy my kids and make happy memories not be ill.
So i decided to start on the slimming world diet again weighing 15st 12lb 6oz.
7th march first week of dieting and i had lost 3lb. big smile on my face feel so proud.... especially as a couple of girls took me to the pudding pantry for afternoon tea at the end of the week and i had the gourmet white choc and raspberry hot chocolate and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. it was lush but did feel a bit icky after. i had been good all week and not using all my syns so that i could syn bin some for that specific day as i knew i would go mad.
This is also where i confess i have been weighing myself pretty much every day sometimes multiple times of day just to see differences, like before and after a meal or when going to the toilet b4 and after a bath, almost like an experiment but its also beginning to turn into an obsession.
Which bring us to today although not weigh day i still weighed myself and was please to see i weighed 15st 6lb 2oz feel incredible to think a 6lb loss in 10 days. I know i have a long journey ahead of myself as my target is 10st 7lb. I have 5st 5lb to lose in total but the thought of wanting to be a fit mummy not a fat mummy i hope will spur me on ... well that and the fact i booked a girly holiday with my mum to Cyprus last week for September.

So that's it essay done.. Honestly... this is me up to date and hopefully with everyones help support ideas and recipes and general chatter we can all take this journey together

Honestly finished now you can stop reading ... heheh :p
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Hi Bec, sounds a bit like me , weight up and down over the years, and paying for a gym membership without going much at all!
Good luck on your journey:)
I have been doing SW for 24 weeks now, and am 3st 8 lbs lighter :) (still got over a stone & half to go)
My starting weight time before this one was almost the same as yours. If you look at my stats you will see :)
Stick with it and the weight will soon keep coming off !
Well done on your loss so far too!
At the moment I am trying to get back on plan after a few weeks of bingeing on and off , but I will soon :)

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Hi Bec you sound like me too,lost weight so many times over the years only to put it back on! Wishing you all the best & my advice is to keep coming on the forum I have been regularly since last jan & even with a pregnancy inbetween its kept me from going back to my old ways :)
Thank you for your kind wishes. Amazing well done for your loss so far zafira you can do it chick not much further to go to goal just think your closer to the end than you are to the start. Your target is in sight. Once you get the synful cravings over with you can smash it. i think sometimes a little of what you fancy is good for you. i have found one of the other forum pages Surprise syns : the good and the bad is really good for hints, tips and recipes for those naughty treats at a low syn value.

Kicks that craving in the ass.

well done on your loss tamkat and for being so strong willed even when pregnant. I bet the cravings were a nightmare. heheh stay strong. but if you do wobble remember its just a blip and tomorrow is another day.

x x
Welcome on you weight loss journey kbabes24 and good luck you will be amazing.

Well it was my weigh day today...

I have stuck to my weeks worth of syns and stayed within the limit even though i had chinese last night. i had been saving syns to have that treat and it was worth it. I don't think ive enjoyed a chinese so much in years. I seem to cope better with the delayed gratification rather than a little treat each day. with that said i am going to be good next week and not have a "treat day" if i don't use all my syns i don't use them
i think i may find next week harder though as i have finished my annual leave and am back at work now... all those tempting tasty treats in the staff room .....I MUST AVOID....

So going into week 3 of my diet and i have a loss of 2.6lb so i am pleased with that although i know if i didn't have that Chinese last night it would be a better loss.

total loss so far 5.6lb.

Thanks zafira,
My persona; saboteur wanted take away he was asking for pizza i said Chinese it's easier to work the syns out eventually he agreed. so i had been good and saving up all week for it. And honestly after the 2 horrendous night shifts i did i really couldn't be bothered to cook come Friday evening and I NEEDED the Chinese lol

Try not to worry about your gain this week it is only temporary focus on being good this week. sometimes i find if i give myself a little goal or mini target to aim for i find it helps. good luck for the week to come. x
Well half way through week three feeling a bit bored of food this week finding it a real struggle to think of tasty healty low syn food. Especially something quick and easy to prepare as my shifts for the next 3 weeks are a bit haywire. 12.5. Hours long of 2 days on 1 off 2 on again. So tempted to go for the bad stuff partly for the ease and partly for the energy boost.

Tonight one cooking a creamy white wine chicken and pasta bake. Sauce 4.5 suns per portion (serves 4) cheese hex a .

Also cooking a hot chilli con carne to have with rice for work tomorrow. 1.5 suns per portion will have some med fat Philly with it out of my hex a.
Well half way through week three feeling a bit bored of food this week finding it a real struggle to think of tasty healty low syn food. Especially something quick and easy to prepare as my shifts for the next 3 weeks are a bit haywire. 12.5. Hours long of 2 days on 1 off 2 on again. So tempted to go for the bad stuff partly for the ease and partly for the energy boost.

Tonight one cooking a creamy white wine chicken and pasta bake. Sauce 4.5 suns per portion (serves 4) cheese hex a .

Also cooking a hot chilli con carne to have with rice for work tomorrow. 1.5 suns per portion will have some med fat Philly with it out of my hex a.

Long days are a hard one to try and make sure it's all SW friendly....i have just finished an almost 13 hr day all bar 15 mins:rolleyes:

Chicken and pasta bake sounds good :)
Well 2.2lb off this week. Not as good as other weeks but still more than happy as it is still more than my weekly target loss. I have hit the half stone weight loss mark. I'm sure im begining to notice the difference in my work uniforms too my tunic is a bit baggier around the spare tires, i'm sure, and i had to keep pulling my trousers up today, which made me smile especially as they are elasticated waist. Down side i have no belt hoops on my trousers and to order new uniforms it's 8-12 week wait by then i'm hoping to have lost more weight so pointless ordering them.
I can see i'm going to get crafty and make belt loops on my trousers and put extra darts in my tunics... :p:D;)
Food is looking lush Becka.

Well done on your consistent weight losses to date, keep up the good work, we shall soon be at goal. xx
Well i have well and truly feel off the wagon today. had a friend round for drinks and dinner today and while our dinner was syn free the drinks certainly were not.

i have just sat and totted up my syn total for the day and it equals a whooping great big 65 SYNS
Although on the flip side we did a workout on xbox fitness evoled played a fitness session on dance central 2 and played against each other and dance central 1 and also did a few rounds on kinect adventures. We never go round to doing zumba unfortunately.
I am hoping though the the 3 or so hours on playing/ working out on the kinect might to some extent counteract the majorly woeful synage. i knew i would be having a wild day <syn wise> today so was expecting thias and have syn binned my syns for the week so i have 24 syns left for 4 days.
I'm ok with this and can still manage to stay within my weekly syn total and maybe even have a couple of syns left over come weigh day on Saturday will just have to make sure i scoff plenty of free food and SS stuff. Regardless of that i have had a damn good fun day. :D

Well done on your loss so far Pink and good luck with future weeks too hun.
been extra special good today
only had one syn and that's from the milk in my cups of tea.

breakfast - I had 4 wholemeal cracker breads (hex b 2/3) with medium fat philly (2/3 hex A)and lean ham made it like 2 sandwiches

Lunch - omelet with 3 eggs ham and mushrooms fried using frylite 10g sprinkle of mature cheddar cheese (1/3 hex A)

Supper - chicken sheesh kebabs <chicken in natural fat free total yoghurt and tikka curry marinade, peppers, cherry tomatoes and courgettes> lettuce, shredded carrot and red onion with herb and spice seasoned potato wedges. SYN FREE

i will upload a picture of my supper soon, i think i am at my picture limit for the time being until i have more posts :(
You have done exactly the right thing Becka, had a syn blow out (who doesn't) but you have got straight on the saddle the next day and have eaten extra light. It is so easy to let one syn heavy day become two or three... and then to give up. You have nipped it straight in the bud. Well done... that will lead you to ultimate success. xx
had a bit of a wobble last night full of cold and found out my grandad is struggle to care for his house and my uncle has a tumor. was very close to weekly syn limit and thought sod it. went over weekly syns by about 10 syns and a cupcake <cupcake was for a good cause.... for the #wearyellowforseth day yesterday my workplace is raising money for his charity> so couldn't refuse the cupcake.... :p

So all in all went marginally over plan but thankfully have still lost just over 2lb i put this down to doing extra exercise in the week.

Next week fully on plan no alcohol involved and either going swimming or for a bike ride on Tuesday on top of normal excercise and working 62.5 hours. thank god ive got a stash of meals of syn free/low syn meals in the freezer i've already cooked.

I have promised OH that when i hit the 1 stone mark we can have a pizza to celebrate to prevent him trying to sabotage me. lol
well finished work this evening and one of my work friends asked me if i wanted to go to the gym with her and had said we could do some tabata. never heard of tabata before so was puzzled and though meh ill give it a try. i very quickly soon learned what it was and i know tomorrow i will sure as hell feel the ache in my arms legs and stomach. But i know the pain will be worth it.

Basically for anyone that doesn't know what tabata is, it's like intense interval training but you do bursts of quick reps of various exercises for 20 secs then rest for 10 and repeat this a total of 8 times equally 4 mins of intense workout.

we did 4 mins on the bikes pedalling as fast as we could for those 20 secs. by 3rd rep thankful for the 10 sec break... (lol gosh im out of shape)
then did floor exercises 1 round of sit ups for 20 secs i seriously failed her only managed 4) rest 10 sec, 20 secs of crunches as many as you can (i did rather well here) rest, hovering leg lifts, rest and circle crunches, rest , repeat from sit ups

Did a series of weights and then some cross trainer tabata and rowing machine tabata.

Although we were only there for little over half an hour i really felt the burn and know i will ache tomorrow, hopefully not too much as i am going swimming tomorrow.

Can't wait to see if this interval training thing actually does what it says on the tin