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Lynda's brand new start. 10 weeks til photo session!!

Well, my brother is coming from Australia, and Mum has booked a photo session! Great!! I have never been so fat!! Can I lose a stone in 10 weeks, please pray I can!!


B/F - 42g All bran, milk HEA & HEB

Lunch - scrambled egg and lean bacon

Tea - Pork, loads of veg, parsnips (3 syns), gravy (1syn).

Snack - weetabix HEB, 1/3 of caramel chunky kit kat (3 syns), muller light

So far so good!!!
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B - 42g All Bran Milk (HEa) (HEb)

L - Brie (HEa) Salad

D - wholemeal spaghetti, dolmio sauce 2 syns

S - caxtons pink and whites x5 12 1/2 syns

Too many syns, and can't usually do green days without putting on weight. But I did enjoy that spaghetti.

B - 42g Quaker oat crunch. Milk HEa

L - Tinned sardines in tomoato sauce, salad, Extra low mayo (2.5 syns)

D - 1 portabella mushroom, 1 Laughing cow triangle and 2 babybell light (HEa), wrapped in lean bacon, salad
Pudding was, 1 merangue nest (3 syns) with raspberries, blueberries and 28g of low fat creme fraiche (2.5 syns). (lovely eaton mess!)

Snacks - ryvita minis HEb, 1 Alpen Light (3 syns), 1 muller light, Loads of plums, (the tree in the garden is just so laden with them!!)

Total 11 syns

Couldn't resist another merangue nest and tablespoon of creme fraiche. Another 4.5 syns. That's 15.5 altogether. HAve to amke up for that tomorrow. That's why I shouldn't buy these things!!!

If anyone can see anything wrong with this menu, can they shout. I am new to all this. Thanks.

lly enjoyed my food today, and certainly doesn't feel like I'm dieting. Can't get my head round eating this much, and being allowed this many syns!

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B - Magic prrodge HEb

S - Alpen Light HEb Muller Light

L - cucumber sticks TAble spoon of houmous (2.5 syns)

D - Prawn stirfry with soy sauce and NAndo's eextra hot (0.5 syns)
Pudding Merangue nest (2.5 syns), Creme fraiche (2.5 syns) raspberries

S - Wham bar (4 syns) 2 McDs onion rings (4 syns) Alpen Light HEb

Total syns 15.5. Too many again

Exercise: 20 mins jogging, 20 mins climbing machine, 5 mins bike, sit ups and weights. Hopefully counteracted some of those syns

Hi Hun...just reading your diary.

Hellmans extra light mayo is 0.5 per table spoon.
You seem to have a lot of sugary sweet things during the day..have you tried just having some potatoes, pasta or even bananas??
Are you doing Red, Green or EE days?
You dont appear to be eating a great deal either. Dont forget the more free super food that you eat, the more weight you will loose.
Also drink plenty of water to keep you regular.

If you are doing EE days, you are only allowed 1 HeA and 1 HeB and count the syns at the lowest value.

I hope this helps and dont be put off by a photo shoot, you will have lost enough weight to make a difference by then!

I do red and green days

Friday - Red

B - Alpen bar. (HEb) BAcon roll (10.5 syns for white roll)

L - Tinned tomato mackeral on 5 ryvita (HEB)

T - Bolognaise sauce made with lean mince, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree (0.5 syn). With butternutsquash mash. Picked on half a tray of cooked prawns left over fro yesterday whilst preparing it.

S - Alpen bar (other half of HEb)
Loads and loads of plums off the tree. I've got shedloads. muller light.

HEa is milk for tea

Think I'm doing OK. Less sugary things. No syns after pigging on bacon roll.

Saturday - Red

B - 42g All Bran HEb , Skimmed milk HEa

L - 6 Finn Crisps HEb, vegemite, low fat cottage cheese. Banana. 3 babybel lights HEa

D - Left over lean mince nad quorn bolognaise. Always make both as one daghter is veggie. Only enough if put leftovers of both together. Butter nut squash, green beans from garden, leek.

S - 6 plums from garden, be glad when they'r gone!! Apple. TAngerine. 1 Alpen bar (3.5 syns) Half a meringue nest ebfore realising what I was doing and ditching other half in wheelie bin (1.5syns)

I am making plain popcorn for kids to ahe while watching X-FActor. Hoping to resist this, but have frozen Banana and custard mullerlight in freezer and a punnet of raspberries. I also have one last meringue nest left. Will get rid of, but not sure if in belly, or bin. I do ahve enough syns. Am I getting any better folks. Be glad of your opinions.

I had the meringue nest at (3 syns), with raspberries, blueberries, and a mullerlight. Better than popcorn which I dis resist. That's 8.5 syns for the day.

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Sunday - Red Day

B - None. Was up, dropped kids off and straight to gym, where i spent 3 hours. I know not good not to ahve brekkie, but don't get to do that very often.

L - 3 egg scrambled on toast HEb

D - Gammon, carrots, leek, courgette, baby sweet corns and sugarsnaps. Gravy 1 (syn) Pudding is frozen muller light with raspberries

S - More plums, 2 x alpen bar HEb,
1 babybel light and small amount of skimmed milk in tea HEa
OPtions white chocolate (2.5 syns)

Totl syns 3.5

Did 5k, 20 mins on climbing machine, 20 mins on bike, weights, situps and pressups, and felt soo good!

First weigh in tonight. Can't believe I'm gonna lose weight. I ate more than before, and I ahve treated myself to rubbish, all syns counted and stated, more than I did before I'm sure. Wish me luck, and if anyone can comment on my food menus who knows this diet inside out, I'd be really chuffed


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Well, 1st weigh in this morning and i lost 3.5lbs. Yippee for me!!

Monday 7 th Sept - Red Day

B - Alpen light (Heb)

L - Gammon sandwich, 2 slice of w/m (HEb), gammon, cucumber, extra light mayo (0.5 syns)

D - LAmb steaks, salad, extra light mayo (0.5 syns)

S - 3 babybel lights (HEa) , Alpen Light (HEb), banana,

Drink - White choc options (2.5 syns)

Total syns - 6.5
Tuesday 8/9/09 - Red Day

God I got to 7.00pm without eating a free food. It's not erally off plan but not how it's supposed to work I'm sure. Oh well

B - Bowl of All Bran (HEXb) Bowl of Quaker Oat crisps (HEXb)

S/L - 3 x ryvitas (4.5 syns), plums, 3 x babybel (HEXa)

S - Alpen Light (3 syns)

D - Two gorgeous trout fillets done in oven with lemon juice and black pepper, small plum toms, mushrooms, and baby sweet peppers, with slald, and 1 Tspoon of Extra light mayo (1 syn)

Total syns 8.5


5k in 28 min 16 secs (well chuffed, not bad for a fat bird, sweat like one though!), 20 mins climbing machine, 10 mins X Trainer, weights, sit ups and pressups

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Thanks for your reply Vixcat.

Wednesday 9/9/09 (Red or green or EE)

B - Alpen Light (3 syns)

S - 7 Ryvita high fibre (HEXb)

L - 1 Baxters Minstrone soup (HEXb)

S - Falafel (2 syns), plums

D - 3 egg omelette with 28g of cheddar (HEXa), mushrooms and baby seet peppers

S - Mullerlight, options hot choc (2.5 syns)

Total - 7.5 syns

Doing good

Thursday 10/9/09 Red Day

B - 28g of Quaker crisps and 1 finn slim (HEXb)

S - muller light

L - Duck salad with no dressing but half a slice of garlic bread with cheese (HEa). Guessing about 20 syns

D - 7 ryvita crackerbread with low fat cottage cheese (HEXb)

S - plums

Went out for lunch and did the best I could. I wish I had reisted the garlic bread, but only had half a slice. Onwards and downwards. I am quite pleased with choice made. Could ahve been worse. What do other people eat if ahving lunch out??

Friday 11th September Red DAy

B - 2 slices of nimble w/m (HEXb), 1 tin of mackerel

S - Falafel (2syns)

S - PAcket of ryvita minis (HEXb)

S - Rainbowdrops (4 syns)

D - 2 eggs scrambled, 2 low fat sausages 2 syns), tomoatoes, mushrooms, mullerlight

S - Satsuma, 2 crackbread, dirylea triangles (HEa)

D - skimmed milk for tea (0.5 syns)

total syns 9.5 (seems alot for what I had, but within range. Worried about tomorrow. Wine is on the menu. HAlf a bottle of rose is 12 syns, just hope it doesn't weaken my resolve for other things

Saturday 12th September - Red Day

B - MAgic prridge (HEXb)

S - 2 x Alpen BArs (HEXb), banana

D - LAmb steak, salad, balsamic vinegar, corn on the cob (1.5 syns)

S - 40g cheddar (HEXa + 2 syns)

D - half bottle of gorgeous rose (12 syns), skimmed milk in tea (0.5 syns)

Total syns 16

Sunday 13th September Red Day

B - Low fat yoghurt, banana

L - 2 eggs scrambles, lean bacon grilled, musrooms, tomatoes, 2 slice of w/m bread, (HEXb)

S - weetabix bar (HEXb)

D - Roast chicken, sugarsnaps, green beans, bisto gravy (1syn)

S - 2 ryvita crackerbread (2 syns), cheese triangles (HEXa), options (2.5 syns)

Total syns - 7

Doing OK. 2nd weigh in tomorrow, and so nervous. I feel better, and am eating more than I have in years, feel really healthy, but tomorrow is the test, You always lose the 1st week, if I've not lost, I dunno what I'll do. I've really stuck to it!!

Monday 14th September 2009 Red DAy

B - Magic porridge with blueberries (HEXb)

S - 2 ryvitas, 1 alpen bar (HEXb)

D - chicken, salad, corn on the cob (1.5 syns), extra low mayo (0.5 syns), cranberry sauce (1 syn), 1 options (2.5 syns) 1 ryvita with dairlea (HEXa)

Feeling fed up today, but also managed 5k, 10 mins climbing machine, sit ups and weights, and a 1.5 hour wlk with my Mum's dog. I only lost a lb this week, which upset me a bit, but still I'm eating loads and still losing.


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