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Macaroni dilemma


Not evil at all
I've been eating this - http://www.marshallsfoods.com/products/cheesey-macaroni.php

Ages ago when I first saw this in the shops, I checked the syns out on the SW website and on Green/Extra Easy it was 'Free' according to the website.. so since then I've eaten this 2 - 3 times a week, usually with a big side serving of veg, and it's amazing. However, this morning, I was checking the syns for the new pot noodle style ones that Marshalls do, you just add water to them, and they're 50p ish from Asda (good news is they're only 1.5 syns on G/EE) and anyway, I clicked on the first link I saw on the syns page after I searched, which was for the original box of macaroni I'd been eating and this is what I found out.....

Marshalls Cheesey Macaroni, made up as directed, dried 100g cooked

3½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 8½ Syns
Green 3½ Syns

So I have unknowingly been having up to 6 extra syns each day I've had this, as the boxes are 190g not just 100g.... oooooops!!!!

BUT!!! What I'm wondering is though - are they synning the milk/butter it tells you to use? I always use my HE A choice for that and I never use butter... or are they just counting the pasta and sauce mix made up without that?

Hoping someone can help me! Thanks xxx
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Oh good question!

TBH I would think that its worked out cooked along the lines of the cooking instructions. Like you I use my allowence when making things like this (in my case batcherlors pasta n sauces).

Can you not work it out using free food allowence on the on-line thing somewhere??
I think they would be. If it says "made as directed" and that tells you to add butter and milk then I think that's where the syns are coming from.
Don't know for sure though!


Not evil at all


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i am reading my SW free branded foods book and Marshalls Cheesy macaroni dried is free.x

cant you find out how much milk and butter they recommend using, work out the syn value then subtract from the total syn amount. does that make sense.


Not evil at all
I think it's 12 tbsps of milk and about a tbsp of butter too.. the box is at home and the website doesn't have that kind of info on it. If the free branded food book says its free it must be :)!


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I would say its synning the milk and butter, as it specifically says 'made up as directed' The batchelors pasta and sauce say 'excluding milk and butter'

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