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Macdonalds Style Breakfast Burger - NO SYNS :) Super tasty!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by LyndseyLG, 9 June 2013 Social URL.

  1. LyndseyLG

    LyndseyLG Member

    Hello Ladies,
    I created this little feast yesterday for our lunch and it was amazing! so tasty and healthy part of Slimming World :)
    You can close your eyes and pretend you are in Macdonalds lol

    Prep time: 5mins
    Cooking time: 20mins

    What you need:
    250g Lean Pork Mince (this makes two burgers)
    2 Slices of Bacon with fat chopped off
    1 Egg
    1 slice of Cheese
    Wholemeal Muffin (I scooped out alot of the bready centre)
    1 teaspoon of Onion Powder
    1 teaspoon of Garlic Powder
    1/2 teaspoon of Pepper I used my new found favourite (White Pepper)
    1/2 teaspoon of Smoked Paprika

    Mix the Pork Mince, Onion & Garlic powder, Pepper and Paprika in a bowl, use hands to bind all the mince together.
    Separate the mince mix into two balls.
    Push mince into a cookie cutting ring (the size of your muffin) and take off the ring
    Fry Burgers in Frylight until juices run clear
    Fry bacon in Frylight
    Fry Egg in Frylight
    Toast Muffin

    When every thing is cooked, assemble your delicious tower!

    I couldn't add a photo on here but if you want to see what it looked like, you can through this link>
    Lyndsey Little Treasures: Macdonalds Inspired Muffin Burger - Slimming World Styleeeee! YUM

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  3. ScarlettStar86

    ScarlettStar86 Gold Member

    Sounds tasty but saying it has no syns is very incorrect!

    Pork mince is always synned, less than 6% fat is half a syn for 100g but 6% is 5syns per 100g (raw weights)
    Cheese slices are around 2.5 syns each, unless it is unprocessed cheese used as part of your healthy extra allowance
    Wholemeal muffins are 7 syns each. They cannot be used as a healthy extra as far as I know.
  4. LyndseyLG

    LyndseyLG Member

    My apologies but I have been told that lean pork mince is free on EE. The cheese was from my Health A and the whole meal muffin can be classes as my Healthy B due to me scooping out most the bready centre and it can be classed as a Whole meal 60g roll.
  5. ScarlettStar86

    ScarlettStar86 Gold Member

    Ok maybe the pork has changed and I apologise about my mistake about that then but you def can't use muffins as a healthy extra. They usually contain oil and don't have enough fibre to be a healthy b choice.
    Last edited: 9 June 2013
  6. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    I was also told that you cannot have a muffin as a Heb! when I did my version of a McMuffin......

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