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Madeline- one year on :(


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I am just about to watch the McCanns speaking on ITV1 that I recorded Weds 30th. This whole case seems like a mystery with many twists and turns and it is hard to know what to think or believe. I am not sure we will ever know the truth but I think Kate McCann looks 'weird' same as I thought Maxine Carr looked weird.

I've said from the first week she vanished she is dead and I hope and pray there's a conclusion to it all but there may not be.:(

Ben Needham vanished from the Greek island of Kos in 1992 (I think) and he has never been found but I feel that he is still alive but I dunno why.
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Lisa Marie

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I don't think she will ever be found. It's a terrible business, poor Madeline. Her parents should never have left those children alone in that apartment, your children are the most precious thing in the world, Why put them at risk?


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poor thing,,we will never know what really happened,,with all the money they had why didn't they take a sitter with them,,


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It still saddens me whenever I see her little face ..... what happened to her??? Sadly I don't think we will ever know... the McCann's made their choice to leave the children thinking (in their minds)they were safe.... now they have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives.....:(

I have thought for a long, long time that she is probably dead and has been since very early on.... but until they have proof or a body to grieve over they will never stop looking.... and tbh nor would I in their situation....


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I have never left my daughter alone EVER and when we went on holidays she was always in a pram a sleep at the side of me. That being said, years ago when we used to go to Butlins, my little brother was left in the Chalet and they had a listening service. Someone walked round and listened in. If the child was crying then they'd put out an announcement. The place they went was supposed to have this listening service, but because it was low season they didn't have it running, so the McCanns thought they'd do their own listening service. If it had been July then maybe some of the blame would have gone to the resort for not doing their job. I think it is a very sad situation and they have to live with that bad error of judgement every day of their life. Like Kate said, a terrible crime has been committed and the focus should be on trying to get the person that abducted Madeline rather then the rights and wrongs with leaving her in the first place.

I honestly don't think her parents are to blame for her disappearance, but we might never learn the truth. Just imagine if they are not involved what they have gone through. The guilt for leaving her, the press questioning their bad judgement, being suspects and going to bed everynight wondering where she is/what she went through and maybe still is. I can not imagine the hell they must be going through and my heart goes out to them as well as that little girl.

It is very very sad indeed.
So sad I hope they find her some day, but the chances are so slim now


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I felt sorry for them when I watched the prog. They definately showed more emotion, apparently they had been told not to in case an abductor got a kick out of it. I'd really hate to think they were involved but then how could anyone keep up the pretence for so long? :confused:

There's quite a bit about Ben Needham on the 'net. His Mum Kerry made a Myspace page with his toddler photo beside an 'advanced' photo of what he might look like now as a 19 yo. His case seems a bit more straightforward, it seems the Greek police know what happened but are reluctant to do anything about it. :(