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Made's back.

hi all haven't been on here for a while for various reasons. the main one was i got married at the end of november :love047:

Mrs Made and i went to dorset for a week on a mini honeymoon and i decided that i wasn't going to be overly strict on the low carbing. we hit various cocktail bars and pizza places, pretty much every enemy of atkins we could. then obviously xmas, new year meant 2 weeks of drinking and house parties ,add to that the snow meaning no sunday football for 8 weeks i've put most of the weight i lost back on. have been back on the atkins for 2 weeks and being a useless man didn't weigh myself at the start or since so have no real idea how much i've lost.

but now i have a problem.Mrs made joined a gym recently and i went to join this week.i had a blood pressure test and they told me it was too high and i had to see a doctor to get them to say it's ok to excercise.my blood pressure was 145/90:eek:.i've never been known to have high blood pressure. does it have anything to do with high protein?
i'm going to see the doctor on tuesday and he/she will probably tell me to stop with the atkins. any views?
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I wouldn't have thought so, being overweight, smoking etc etc will give you high blood pressure though. Looking though you don't seem to be that overweight. Maybe best see what the doc says. I think people put atkins down because they don't feel its balanced enough but how much do they really know about the diet esp maintenance. I think they think induction is all there is to is which lets face it is pretty strict and wouldn't be healthy if you always lived like that. Good luck at the doctors and congratulations on the wedding

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I think you doc will advise losing weight, but maybe not atkins - mabe tell him to check all your bloods and go back for a recheck in 5 weeks?

congrats on your new wife btw!!


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Congratulations on your marriage and I hope you will be very happy!

The main thing is for you to go to your doctor and get yourself check out and be honest with your doctor as it might be that you just have to make some minor changes like cutting down on the drink and doing some light exercise etc.

High blood pressure - information, symptoms and treatments

Blood-pressure-(high) - Causes

While your doctor might not agree with the induction part of Atkins... the second phase of 'ongoing weight loss' is extremely healthy and I can't see why that would be a problem.

Best of luck and be sure to let us know how you get on.


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Hi - congratulations on your marriage. Oh have a fab time in thailand - whereabouts are you going???
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Hi mate, welcome back. I had high BP prior to Atkins, I don't now, but that could be anything really.
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Oh and well done on getting married. ;)
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I hope everything turns out ok, and you can stick with us!

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