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Snacks Magic pancakes

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by bevbaby, 5 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. bevbaby

    bevbaby New Member

    Hi guys. I'm new to this and was wondering if anyone have the recipe for magic pancakes... Or ideas for breakfast x thanks
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  3. blubex

    blubex Gold Member

    I don't know what magic pancakes are but I've been making banana pancakes and they're pretty yum. .... One egg, one banana, mix together into a pancake style mixture then cook like pancakes. ... especially nice served with a few strawberries :-D

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  4. bevbaby

    bevbaby New Member

    Maybe I just made up the magic part ha ha thanks so much x
  5. Abbylouise

    Abbylouise Full Member

    I make magic pancakes they are my all time fav, they remind me of the thick American style pancakes.

    Porridge oats (h.e. B) soaked over night in fat free yog (either natural or flavoured syn free ones are fine)
    Next morn add 3 eggs and mix.
    Fry with plenty of fry light/none stick pan on medium heat.
    I make small thick ones as easier to flip without falling apart.
    Serve with fruit, my fav is berries and I use sweetener too.

    Hope that is these are the ones you was looking for.
  6. Joannelouise81

    Joannelouise81 Silver Member

    Are these syned at all? Only because when slimming world say you purify or mash fruit up it becomes a syn? But maybe because it's only the one banana it's ok? X

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  7. blubex

    blubex Gold Member

    ooh, I'm not sure about syns....tbh I'm not on slimming world as I'm doing paleo atm.... Surely one banana wouldn't be too bad? ?
  8. Joannelouise81

    Joannelouise81 Silver Member

    ahh right sorry thought it was slimming world, lol yeah on slimming world it would be syned i think because with a normal banana you have to chew it and your stomach has to mash it, its all about burning calories quicker etc (there is science behind the madness that works) :) xxx

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