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magic porridge with ready brek

oh brilliant thanks

off to make it after glee


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I bought oats & Mullerlights last night at Tesco then forgot to make it up last night for this morning oh well never mind will remember tonight hopefully. I also used to make a syn free fruity rice pudding - 1 part pudding rice to 3 parts water ( I think it is ) bring to boil then turn heat off put on tight fitting lid & leave for a while then mix in a syn free yogurt.


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the porridge with the mullers is absolutely lovely. i put the muller over my porridge, left it in the fridge overnight and it was lovely.x


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Sorry to tell you but - as ready brek is not a HEXB - so you will have to syn your ready brek I'm afraid.

Magic Porridge is 28g of Porridge Oats and that is a HEXB, sorry about this.


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Magic Porridge is in the menu section - but basically it is 28g of Porridge Oats mixed with a mullerlight yoghurt and then left overnight in the fridge.

The next day the oats have been soaked up by the yoghurt (that's the magic bit) - and it is delicious, enjoy........


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Just a quick question, can i use any yoghurt that is syn free, for example i have some weight watchers yoghurt in my fridge.x


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It is a healthy extra B, it's here in front of me, from the list from lifeline online

28g ready break original and 1 ryvita dark rye/original/sesame -

the chocolate and any other flavoured ones arent xx

My apologises, I didn't think it was a HEB, I was wrong, sorry....


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Just a quick question, can i use any yoghurt that is syn free, for example i have some weight watchers yoghurt in my fridge.x

You can use any syn free yoghurt, so WW will be fine, but you may need two as the Mullerlights are quite a big carton, or you could use a little skim milk as well.
eating it now, i had to use 2 mullerlights as i like mine quite runny.

maybe i picked the wrong flavour banana and custard may try something else next time - great idea Donnie - thank you!


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I made magic porridge for brekkie today - 28g oats with strawberry mullerlight & a banana sliced on top. OMG it was so good def make again


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This is a good idea, I was wondering about what to do with Ready brek because I'm not sure how much milk I would use in it and I like to save my milk for my daily starbucks (sad I know!) and cups of tea. I think I'll try it on Tuesday morning as I'm in uni early and won't have time to do a cooked breakfast. Looking forward to trying it :)
It sounds to me as though people eat it cold, which I didn't fancy! I just do mine in the morning by soaking for about 10-15 minutes in water then cooking for 2 minutes in the microwave. I then stir in the Muller Light and put it back in the microwave for 15 seconds before eating. I love it but my OH hates it - still insists on having his cooked with milk!


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