Back On Track!
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Hello daily threaders

Its quite exciting to be back again after about 6 weeks of over-indulgence. As some of you will know, I started CD in August and went from about 14:2 to 10:13; I was delighted with my great loss. Unfortunately I then rather my focus and decided that I would finish my weight loss with Weight Watchers (which is another good diet plan) - unfortunately I could not cope with 'permission' to eat and did not stick to the diet. I have re-gained about a stone and am now ready to get back on track. My Christmas and New Year entertainments are now over, so no excuses permitted to get in the way between me and success!

For anyone new or reading the CD posts but yet to start the diet or join Minimins, I can whole-heartedly assure you that this is a wonderful place to get support, advice and empathy. Thanks to everyone for the support sent as I contemplated how to get back on track with weight loss.

Working from home today, then seeing St.Trinian's to remember my happy days at a fairly wild convent school - we certainly got up to some scrapes that could rival the ST mob! Will be popping in for lots of inspiration to get me through day 1.

Good Luck to all!:fingerscrossed:
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I WILL be thin!!
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After 2 weeks over severe over-indulgence (which I dont regret - needed to get it out of my system) and having gained a stone, today is a restart and new goal. I dont have a goal time in mind, I just want to get there.
Good luck to everyone today, a new year and a new start!


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Welcome back. I'm back at work today :( gained about 7 lbs over Christmas been sort of SS+ for a few days pick up more supplies today so to back to ss. Good luck to anyone restarting


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Bling,,,, so nice to have you back I've missed your posts!!!!

To all restarting.... Wish you all the best x

Back to work this morning all normality again unless it snows heavy and I'll be home again!!! No lessons on ice!


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morning all
daughter back to school today, son aint back till tomorrow so im back at work tomorrow, hubs is off till wednesday so the men are still in bed, after 2 weeks of lie ins im shattered now, will take me a week to get used to getting up so early


Can hug her knees :)
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Hey Hun so glad you have you back too, I think I followed your lead lol no so many people seemed to take a break around that time, I had been off plan almost a month, but got back on my horse yesterday, and feel quite excited about it :)
although today I have woken up feeling dreadful sore throat etc, still not going to let it put me off :)hope everyone has a great day xx


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Good Morning All :)

Bling!!! So lovely to see you back hun :) I have missed reading your posts and having a giggle! Hope you enjoyed Christmas and don't worry about the 1 stone gain - I am sure it will be off in no time at all :) Will you be going up the steps this time to help you maintain?

Great to see everyone else back too ;)

Good Luck to all the newbies who are starting today also!

Well it's day 4 for me. Jumped on the wii fit scales (and bathroom scales) and from yesterday have lost 2lbs - so taking into account that I put on 0.5lbs yesterday (water is my guess), I have lost a total of 1.5lbs in 4 days :(:(:( Is it wrong for me to be so hacked off with that? :(

I think I am one of these CD'ers who has to see results after a break/blip, otherwise I seem to get quite down :( Could easily have a good cry right now!

I have my weigh in tomorrow, so unless the scales move any more between now and then I'll be weighing in with a gain after the Christmas break. I really wanted to loose what I had put on over Christmas before tomorrow (4lbs).

I will be continuing with the diet as best I can today, just need to get myself motivated in other ways rather than the scales...

Hugs x x x


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Hiya Bling, welcome back!!

Emma, I must admit I would be a bit miffed at that too, maybe try and stay off the scales for a few days?? dont want it to de-motivate you when youre doing sooo well! ultimately its up to your body how it looses the weight if youre on SS i suppose, youre already doing all you can, if your body is determined to hold on for whatever reason it will. I guess what im trying to say is there is nothing more you can do but wait for you body to decide to behave and shift the lbs! I stayed the same a few times, but knew it want because of anything i had done wrong, and just had to wait until my body decided to loose the lbs.. its very frustrating though!

Well, the kids are at school, the oldest is off to college soon and I will have the house to myself for once! (yaayyy!!!) I have already cleaned up a bit, and have a TON of uni work to do that ive been putting off all xmas! so... nose to the grindstone!


please try again
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morning all, hope your having a good one

well i bounced ( slid) out of bed at 7.30am, dragged the poor sleeping bubba out of bed, washed, dressed and force fed her and slung her in her wheelchair to wait for the bus........... never turned up. checked my phone and there was a message saying schools closed cos the heatings broken. grrrr why didnt i turn the sound back on on my phone

so today insted i will have to do the chores with madam in tow. have to go look after my sisters dog, silly thing ate a spatula the other day so hes poorly, just hope i can get my car down there, were currently living on a skating rink again, im so over the snow now

cambridge wise im just starting in on the water, no shakes yet as im not feeling anything close to hunger


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good morning one and all, missed the daily thread ive now got 2 weeks off work hooray! never ending holiday for me, although was up at 7 as the rest of the house decided i was not allowed to lie in but sitting here still in pjs and wondering wether to brave the weather and take the dog for a walk, although she seems to have given up on the idea and has fallen asleep on the sofa, you know what they say, let sleeping dogs lie and all that

Drinking sooooo much water i feel im swimming xxx


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Blingbabe !!!!!! Hurray :) Good to have you back! Hope your day one goes well. Mine was hell yesterday but I got through it, albeit with an extra pack but I made it with no food so am back to feeling proud of myself.
My mum rang this morning having fits about how she was going to get her CD packs this week as her estate is snowed in and her CDC's is snowed in too. She now has some scheme about the CDC's husband who will have to get his car out somehow to go to work and he passes close to her place so she could get her wellies on and go and meet him on the road to get her soups! I hope she doesn't fall down!

Here's to us all having a successful year this year!

My plan is to get to 5 stone down by end of Jan and 6 stone down by end of Feb
My plan will happen!

Jessica Rabbit72

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hey everyone Im back on it too.

I know some of you but not all, but am hoping to get to know the ones I dont know.

For those who dont know me I lost 4st last year from Feb to June then lost the will to live on SS and have put 3st back on from June to xmas so am taking control before it ALL goes back on

We can do this Im on day 1 (AGAIN) and this is the last time and Im going to get this weight off once and for all.

Am off work so will be popping on and off today to keep focused.

Keep strong everyone


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Hi Everyone,
I'm another of the over indulgers at Christmas gang, so am back with a vengence! I go to Australia for a month in 3 weeks, so want to get a stone off by then (which will include the 7lbs I put on over Christmas!).

Good luck all - we'll all keep each other in line, I'm sure!

T x

miss jelly tot

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Morning everyone. Im back too. My story is like Blings but SW helped me put a stone back on. Hope everyone has a great day


Going for Goal!
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Great to see some old faces back - JessicaRabbit, Thelma and Miss Jelly Tot :):):)

I hope you are all well and raring to go! I'm down 1 shake and 1 peppermint tea (no water as yet, so really need to start glugging!)

I'm in the process of moving home - DHB is back at work today, but i'm not back until tomorrow...so I'm trying to use today as a "get everything sorted day" - so far I have boxed up books from my bookshelf and dismantled the bookshelf, boxed up cd's, dvd's and games, orniments and picture frames. I am shattered already! But got a lot to get through still. I think my next job is to box up picture albums and other bits that have piled up in my welsh dresser over the past 2 years *gulp* !

Once this is done I can officially claim the lounge DONE! :):):)

Then I intend on sitting down for an hour with my lunch time shake and relax before I move onto the bedroom :sigh:

What a day!!! I tell you what, if I don't drop another 2lbs tomorrow at least I will be ranting and raving on tomorrow's thread - you have been warned!!! ;) lol

Hugs x x x


Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Hello all

Got very involved in report writing at home, so way behind with water and haven't stopped for a food pack - oh well, at least I didn't have the time to even consider if I felt hungry. Perhaps keeping busy is what works best for me (I used to think that the best approach to getting into ketosis was to have leisurely days of doing nothing in front of QVC).
Btw, an aim for 2010 is to give up my shopping addiction, I quickly ordered a couple of items on New Years Eve (a silver bracelet and a fancy night cream) - will I ever succeed with my the no-retail resolution?! (Just to clarify for people that don't know me from before, the use of the word 'addiction' isn't intended to be flippant, I really have been drawn into a potentially harmful pattern of over-spending, though thankfully I managed to stop before getting into debt). This year I will be focusing on losing weight, shaping up and enjoying the benefits of a trimmer and healthier me.

Getting ready for the cinema soon and will catch up properly when I get home x


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Hurray - day two and I know I am going to make it to bed time without cheating.
It's a good feeling.
Have fun folks!


please try again
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evening girls, how are you all feeling now?

well thats finally the wee ones bedroom tidied up, all the bags to charity, now all i have to do is dismantle the bed and wardrobe when its time to wallpaper and then build the newbed and the fitted wardrobe, not looking forward to that part

well driving home from the shop over the ice my brakes seised up! was rather scary, no idea what happened but it did it a couple times

well im now 2l of water down and one shake, got more fizzy water to have with my water flavourings, is a nice end to the day