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Magnificant Mushrooms :) ??


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Are you on a Green, red or EE day???

HAve you any phily in / other low cream cheese - put a dollop (HEX A or B depending on what day your having) topped with slice ham
Make up some couscous with boiling water (I use the plain couscous, never tried the flavoured ones, but I suppose you could use those). If the mushrooms have stalks, remove them carefully and chop them.

Mix the couscous with the chopped mushroom stalks, finely sliced spring onions, finely chopped courgette - any other vegetable you like, but it must be chopped small. Season to taste, add herbs if you like.

Put the mushrooms in a flat tin. Pile up the couscous mixture on each one and spread right to the edges. Sprinkle grated parmesan on the top and bake in the oven until brown and crispy on top.


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Mmmmm. I love portabellos! I know so many lush, high syn recipes for them, sigh!

I often use them as a burger. I sauté some onion in frylite and balsamic vinegar, sauté mushroom on both sides till soft (or spray with frylite and bake in oven). Spread a teaspoon of Dijon mustard on two slices of wholemeal toast. Put some onion on both pieces, add some salad then the mushroom and sandwich together. This tastes delish. Mustard is half a syn


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I spread them with mustard, sprinkle with Worcestershire sauce and grill them. Sometimes I wrap them in Parma Ham or sprinkle them with cheese and then grill them.

Yesterday I grilled them with Dijon mustard and Worscestershire sauce and ate them with a salad and my syn free garlic & pepper cheese.



Oh Y UUmm ... wow your all so imaginative thanks so much !! ...

Ok so im doing red :) so maybe ill chop some bacon up and add a little seasoning and then a sprinkling of cheese !? .. and have it after my soup :)

thanks so much :)