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Mags21 Food Diary Take 1

So i thought i would really post my food diary on here as i am going it alone and want to watch out for slip ups :)

17th Sept
B - Nimble toasted (HEX)
S- Apple
L- Chicken Salad (HEX)with sweetcorn
S- Banana
D-Turkey mince Chilli with rice

syns - 1 fun size Bounty and 4 squares Milka

B- Scrambled egg nimble sandwich
L- Cheese pasta salad, with extra salad leaves (hex)
S- Low fat Homous and carrot sticks (hex)
D-Roast chicken with cabbage, carrots and 4 mini potatoes (couldn't deciede if there were a hex or a syn)
Syns - 2 spoons of low fat mayo

Sun - went a bit strange
B - Yogurt and banana
S- Low fat philli and ryvita
L - Scrambled egg
S - missed
D - Nandos Bean burger, Peas and Rice
Syn - mars bar ice cream and 1/2 larger.. but it was my birthday

B- Muesli with skimmed milk ( hex x 2)
L-Chicken pasta (m&s) (must be syn full)
D-Prezzo ( birthday meal) stuffed mushrooms and ricotta and mushroom canneloni
syn - 2 rum and diet cokes

B-Nimble and an apple (hex)
S- dried apricots ( hex)
L-Baxters soup (hex)
S- Pear
D- egg and quorn sausage omelette withour milk

Wed ( bit of rush as i had exams)
B- nowt
L-Couscous, 3 ryvita, mullerlight
D-home made Burger and chips with salad

so i feel like i do mess up in places but i have come from a no carb diet and i am giving my self some space to adjust.
Off to do food shop later once my planner for next week is done ;)
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Hi, I wont comment if your doing it right or not but it seems fine, I am also new and also doing it alone, the people on here are very helpful and welcoming so no worries there x
when you are out and about and want to work out syns of ready prepared meals take the kcals / 20 . so example 125g divide by 20 =6 syns. if you are going out for suppa, look on web a lot of places now supply menu with info onf kcals etc.

welcome to minimins.
not sure where i put thursdays info...

B- mullerlight and a banana
S-Wasabi peas -13 syns
L-chilli couscous
S-mini brownie -2 syns
D-roast chicken and mushroom risotto
syns: Highlight - 2
total - 17 syns

B-banana and mullerlight
S-Frisps 7.5 syns
L- boiled egg and tuna salad, muller light
S- dried apricots ( hex)
D - home made burger and chips with bun and low fat mayo 6.0+ 2.5 syns
total 16 syns

B- 1 slice cheese on toast (hex) + 4 syns
S -1 ryvita (hex)
D - Tandoori chicken with salad and Garlic daahl ( hex) skiiny cow lolly 3 syns
highlights 2 syns
total 9 syns

mon 27/9
B- cheese sandwich (hex x2)
S-muller and banana
L- tabboulah with out the bulgar
S-carrot sticks and houmous
D- Pasta with mince (hex) and veggies

syns - highlights 2
coke -7
ww cake - 4
total 13 syns
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B- banana on toast ( as i ran out the door) (hex)
S - Melon
L - Couscous, Houmous (hex) asda wholemeal pitta (hex)
D -Beef in black bean sauce with boiled noodles ( 5 syns) or can i count the beef as a (hex and syn the sauce?
syns - mini bounty 6 syns!! or 9 syns if i count dinner....?
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I cant always see your 2 HEA and HEB's?? On a green you can have 2 of each every day.
It also doesnt look like your taking advantage of all the GREEN free food, and then using quite a lot of syns. I think i'd be hungry on your food.
hi i only have the green food list to hand right now but its veggies and pasta, rice and lentils right? which is mostly what i eat. My Hexa/b are normally nimble and some kind of meat. i don't get hunrgy though. I am working on the syns as i fell off the wagon yesterday.


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dont forget potatoes. :) chips and wedges and rosti and crisps ( some debate on there freeness!) mash and jackets.... i eat a lot of tatas in a week.
A lot of Quorn is FREE, maybe to boost the 'meat' content. (eg 85g mince beef isn't that much really)

Think if you were able to fill up on free and satisfying food, the falling off the wagon with the syns may improve.
I plan in a pudding every evening, normally for 3 syns so i know i have something sweet to have after dinner and not massively high in syns.
thanks.. the taters have to be home made don't they.
I forgot so say i also eat every 3/4 hours

B - scrambled egg on toasted nimble (hex)
L- spaghetti with fresh tomatos
S- 3 cheese twists ( 6 syns)
D - Mushroom risotto with low fat mozzerella and bacon (hex)stuffed peppers
pudding - options mint madness (2 syns) and 1/2 ww brownie (2 syns)
2 cups of coffee with 2 dashes of skimmed milk (hex)
B-muller light and banana
S-2 cheese twists ( 4 syns)
L-noodles, stir fried veg and boiled rice
S-cheese ( hex) on toast( hex)
D- roast med veg salad
drink -tea with milk(hex) and 1/2 sugar as i lost my splenda (0.5 syn), options (2 syns)
syns - as above plus 1/2 ww brownie - 2 total 8.5

L-Jacket potato with tuna(hex)
S-Skips (4 syns) and 2 slice toast dry(hex)
D home made shepards pie ( meat free)
Drink - coffee with milk (hex)and 1 sugar (1syn) 1/2 ww browine (2 syns) and 1/2 beer

total syns - 12

B- banana sandwich
S-3 celebrations and 1 gingerbread man total 10 syns!!! (nearly fainted when i saw that!!)
L - polenta with cheese (hex) and couscous
S-muller and raspberries
D- tbc....
drink - planning on options - 2syns.
total 12 syns
not much really - i had a red day for a change
l - fry up with baked beans (hex)
D - pork chops with new potatoes and peas (hex)
had a massive sleep all day so didn't really have time to eat :)

Fri - was a write off
B- muller, 2 slices nimble and cheese (hex a and b)
S- Snackajacks - 5 syns
L- Carrot sticks and Houmous - (hex b) Mugshot
S - Apple, melon, tuna (hex a)
D ( after really overdoing to hexs igave up and had...PIZZA
but i enjoyed it and the beer that follow. so that day was a write off and i am ok with it.

Sat - back on course
B-Mini muffin - about 5 syns
S - Muller
L- Micro syn ( 2 syns) and refried Beans ( was soo yummy!!)
S -Melon
D-Mushroom Soup (hexb)
cup of coffee with milk (hexa) and 1 sugar ( 1 syns)

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