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Maiko's Summer Weightloss Diary ★


New Member
Hi everyone!
I've only just joined this website, but I'm already excited to get started posting in this community. Seems very friendly. :)

I hope I can write in this little thread about how I'm doing on my plan to slim down over the summer! I start the next school semester halfway through August, so I've got a little more than 2 months during which I'll be much more free to devote time to exercise and diet and such.

I'm starting off somewhere around 61-62 kg, and I'd like to make it down to 55 kg by the end of the summer, and possibly eventually to 50 kg, which was my weight up until about 3 years ago, by the end of the year. Not sure if I'll quite go all that way down again, but we'll see!

I'm actually much more concerned with measurements than just a number on the scale. Right now, my waist is around 26.5 inches and my upper thigh 20.8 inches, and I'll be keeping track of those! And my digital scale does measurement BF%....not sure if it's accurate, but I can at least use to to track a general decrease. Right now, it says 23.9%; I'd like to see somewhere in the teens eventually!

My plan, as I've been doing for the past 2 weeks (and lost a kg or 2!) is basically eating a very clean diet, which is super easy for me, no more than 1500 calories for at least the majority of days, but still making sure I eat enough that I don't get overly hungry and go way off track. I also work out pretty much every day: cardio (usually running) for 30-45 minutes, and strength training on a lower/upper body split, plus I've taken up doing yoga a couple times a week and in place of my morning workout one time a week when I have a rest day. That's pretty much it!

I think that should get me consistent, slow weightloss. It's actually really frustrating to me, because I'm so used to crash dieting and losing half a kg per day or something crazy like that :rolleyes:. But I know that this is the healthier way to do it.

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Okay, so, my update for the day:

exercise: did an hour of elliptical, legs strength training, and I'm going to do some ab work this evening
late breakfast- turkey sandwich
snack- protein bar
dinner- green leaf lettuce salad, grilled chicken
snack- mixed nuts, carrots

I had the most horrid binge day yesterday, probably up to 5/6000 calories even, so I'm glad to be back on track today.

I got really discouraged at one point...I was at the pool, in my swimsuit, and just felt really horrid about how much weight I have gained. How did I end up doing that to myself? :( Trying not to let it get me down, though. All I can do is keep on doing what I am, and the weight'll come off soon enough, I guess.

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