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Maintaining weight

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
What sort of questions did you have hun? Someone on this fabulous board may be able to help xxx


Lover of Extra Easy
If you have any questions at all, I am sure they will be answered. There are several maintaining peeps here, and even though we each do it our own way, as it works differently for everyone, so just fire away!
I think any maintainers stay posting on their usual boards. As everyone said though, if you want to ask anything or talk then you can do it on here xx
Thanks for the welcome! Throughout my adult life I've felt happiest when I've weighed between 8.5 and 9 stone (I'm 5ft 2.5ins) in the morning (add another 3lbs to that for weighing with clothes on in the evening). Comfort eating for emotional reasons has caused my weight to escalate and I first joined SW in 2006 when I weighed almost 11 stone. It took me ages of coming and going, but I finally got down to 10 stone in 2008, which is where I (reluctantly) set my target because I seemed to stick there and it was just at the top of a healthy BMI for my height. I still felt a bit dumpy but rationalised that I had to accept a bit of extra weight with the years (I was 52 then). Then last October when I was hovering a few pounds over 10st, I went back to SW and set a new target of 9.5 st, which I reached just before Christmas. But since then, my weight has been on the way up again and one morning I found I was over 10 st again! So, reluctant to pay any more money to SW, I've been doing the SW diet for the past few weeks on my own, weighing myself on my own scales at the same time as I would have attended the class. I currently weigh 9st 12lbs with clothes on in the evening. So in order to get down to my latest SW target (9st 7lbs) I have another 5lbs to go. It might not sound a lot to those with lots of weight to lose, but a few pounds make a lot of difference to how I feel. I'm 54 now and I don't want to look too thin and gaunt, but I'd love to fit into size 10 clothes comfortably and to feel slim and light. My big question is, when and if I finally get there, how do I stay there?


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There's no doubt that maintaining is just as much a challenge, if not more, than actually losing weight.

The official SW line is that you should add an extra HE every day, monitor your weight and keep adding another one until you stabilise. It can take quite a while until you find the right balance for you.

That said some people find their own ways of maintaining and there was a thread recently where people talked about what worked for them. I'll try and find it for you as it was a great thread.


But the underlying principle of maintaining is that SW is for life, and you need to make permanent lifestyle changes. If you look on any diet as a means of getting to target and then go back to what you were eating then it's inevitable that you will put the weight back on.
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