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maintanance week 2 weigh in

thats great that your still losing on refeed well done x


Getting married July 2011
WOW! Over 2 stone gone, and all your worrying for nothing. Now you can relax a bit, but don't you go getting complacent! Well done!
What is your ideal weight?
Thanks - and the best bit was - I wasnt hungry at all all week. And i even had a little pig out yesterday (all healthy food) which I felt guilty about!


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great boost for you, well done on still losing
how are you finding the food situation though? personally i'm dreading it
My target weight is 9st 7lb -but im not sure about that. I think when I look good ill be happy and if that means going a bit below 9st 7 then so be it.

GI/GL is the way to go! Never hungry its great


Getting married July 2011
So 2lb is the same as 7200 calories, which means you could eat another 1000 calories a day and maintain your weight! You've been eating about 1000 calories a day right? Which is about right!
Ye if my calculations are right and my portions im eating appx 1000 cals a day sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less. Its better to balance the calories out over the week I think rather than the day.

The best thing I have changed from my old ways is snacking on fruit in between meals.

I also read (dont know how true this is so dont quote me) it takes more calories to eat and digest and apple than the actual apple is worth (ie calories in an apple 65 - it takes appx 66 to eat and digest it)

My next mission is to try and teach myself to stop eating when im full which is pretty hard - but hey if im still losing its not that much of a problem


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Brilliant loss oxally, you must be thrilled. I have my weigh in next Tues and had a peek at scales this morn and was down 2lb, so fingers x for my wi. Have done a good bit of walking this week so think thats helped.


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Delighted for you hun!! It is so encouraging to see you still losing as its what I'm hoping for when I refeed in 5.5days (soooo excited about having some food!!!!) It is such a relief to hear that your not hungry because that is something that I have been worrying about.


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Good for you hunni xxx xxx xxx you seem to have the gi stuff well and truely sussed now xxx:D

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