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Maintenance on Extra Easy


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I follow EE a fair bit and allow myself 2 B choices and sometimes 2 A choices.

If I do a red or green day then I have 3 A or B choices.

It's about finding a balance with what suits your body but this works for me. If I have a night or meal out planned then I will stick to the "normal" A's and B's and indulge on the night out.

EE is great for maintaining!
Thanks for that. I had a feeling you allowed yourself an extra a and b portion.
I have only every done extra easy, so don't really go by the rules of green and red days.
I have another 2lb to lose to get to goal. Its taking me ages.


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It will take time, please don't worry about it too much - it took me an age to lose my last half stone, it was a case of half a pound, sts, half a pound etc but I got there.

The weight didn't go on overnight and I didn't lose it overnight! You will get there and then the hard work starts......tbh, it's great to follow the plan but once you are allowed a little flexibility it's hard to not go too far!!

You will get there and then you'll find a balance to maintain. Have you tried cutting your syns down? I cut back to 5 a day as I got closer to target as I needed to do something to shift the weight!

Good luck. x
My consultant told me to only have 5 sins a day. I might use 5 sins every other day.
Is this for maintenance or in general?

You should be having 5-15 syns per day whatever you're doing, unless you're trying to shift those final few pounds (see above posts). What syns provide is essential to your nutrition - you shouldn't really be that low on them all the time...
I only have 2lb to lose to get down to goal, so I was told to only have 5 syns a day until I get there. I am a very slow loser.
I am also v close to my target as I have 3lbs left to go. I am sticking to mainly red days, as I lose more on those. I am keeping my syns below 10 most days, but eating loads of speed foods, which seems to be working on those last few stubborn pounds! Good luck - nearly there!!

Maintaining sounds good if you can have more healthy extras - can't wait to reach that target!!



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I am maintaining my target weight, and often use EE with no extras - I was a 'very slow loser' so did my weight loss using red and green, and the easy plan for me is the equivalent of an extra HE choice (As i would use my B's on the meat or carbs, rarely bread or cereals etc), so I can maintain on Easy without tweaking it.

If you are losing very very slowly on easy by cutting down syns, you may find that to maintain on easy, you just keep doing it the same, but bring your syns back up to 10 - 15. Adding an extra HE may gain for you. I lost my last few pounds using Sucess Express.

The whole thing with maintaining is that how you achieve it is different for everyone. Once I got there, it took me a couple of months to get the hang of it and start to feel comfortable within the range.

good luck though - you are nearly there!

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