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Hi, I'm thinking of starting Lipotrim, I have about 4 stone to lose but I'm not sure I want to just be drinking shakes for months on end, and I'd rather lose the weight slowly.

Do you think the maintenence program would suit me better? Any advice appreciated.

Could someone give me the calorie content of the veg soup, caramel bar and choc mousse.

Thanks in advance :)
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hi there. yes it sounds as though you might be more suited to that programme. i lost my weight through the shakes method but then used the maintenance products afterwards for weeks and weeks and they taste really nice, especially the chocolate mousse and bars..the veg soup is disgusting! in the paperwork LT give you though, they do recommend that you have a least one maintenance product of the drinks they provide..cant remember what they are off hand, think its orange something? these arent so nice but you do get used to them and they are also lower in calories that the bars and mousse so thats probably why.

with regards to calorific values, the mousse and the bars were the highest in value at over 200 calories, the drinks 150 something i think, the soup, no idea

good luck with your weight loss journey, whichever way you decide to do it

h xx


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Hi Elouise how did you get on with this? I started the LT programme last monday and tbh it really wasnt for me, I decided to go straight onto
the maintenance one instead I am finding this a lot easier, I have two shakes throughout the day lots of water and then a very low calorie meal in the evening. It really helps me stick to it throughout the day knowing I am having a meal in the evening. Let me know how you got on! :)

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the maintenance is a real good programe if total food replacement isnt your bag


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Dont forget to go to the lipotrim site and claim your free samples, I did this week and my OH has just called me to say they have arrived, not too sure whats in them though, but he did mention a book, a bar and a few shakes I think, will let you know better later when I get home from work.


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thanks adam! I did try but it was driving me up the wall this is working so much better for me ..i know wont lose it as fast but at least i will be losing something! Cheers Kered! I have ordered them! I am currently drinking the maintenance mousse as a shake with water and it tastes fine, 2 of them a day plus my evening meal..hopefully this will do something!