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*Make your life shine in 2009!*

Hey Everyone,

Just thought i'd do a little bit of positivity sharing!

2009 is just around the corner and that year can mean many things for lots of different people.

I know that i want to make my life shine in 2009 and reach my target so i'd like to know what everyone here wants to achieve in 2009! Then at the end of 2009 we can all look back on this thread and see if we've accomplished what we wanted!!

My complete 2009 goals are to reach my target, get into size 10 jeans, grow my hair and be able to curl it, get a good job that i like, reach my year anniversary (May) with my lovely boyfriend Jamie and spend the weekend in Rome, and have an amazing 21st birthday in June.

There's probably more, i'll edit to add when i think of them haha!! xxxx
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I would like to have reached target by next summer. To then have a tummy tuck and feel fantastic and who knows find a new man :)


want to be me again ...
Love it when you do this young lady !!gets us thinking and posative (you must be bored in work today lol)
I have achieved alot i wanted over this past year, after losing my mum and moving up to scotland, away from all my friends to be with my wonderful man its been a hard road but its working ...I would love to get near my younger weight and feel able to enjoy my life even more ,... be me again !
We all want so much but love and health is the key to happiness and remebering to smile at everyone you meet ....hugs gilly


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
MMMM MY goals are obviously my weight and to be a stronger person i had such a shitty year this year the worst of my life and i will be glad to see the back of it so lets just say my goal in 2009 is to think about me and make myself happy to find someone nice and settle down and get on at work XXXX
We can all have the year we want in 2009 - We can all do what we want to set out to achieve!!

I'm giving full support to each and every wonderful person on here xxx
I know I wont reach my weight goal next year and Im ok with that...all I aim to achieve is a significant loss from what I weigh now!
I would love to be financially better off.
your always so positive, your right we should all embrace the new year with good spirit and new beginnings for ourselves
Great thread, i'm looking forward to 2009:
  • Losing weight
  • Moving into our new (bought!) house just after christmas
  • Getting married!
  • Going on first holiday in 2 years
  • Getting my dream job (interview on friday!)
  • Generally being a happy bunny!
My 2009 will shine because
I am getting married (and will be in a size 16)
I will be going on my honeymoon and first holiday in 7 years and will look forward to holiday clothes shopping
I will Get to my halfway point of lossing 5 stone.
I will get healthy enough to try for a baby on the honeymoon :D
I will be happy
In 2009 i'd love to ...

  • Be at my target weight (along way to go but i'll get there in the end)
  • Be able to show off my sexy new body in front of those people who said I couldn't do it (my mum!!)
  • Move into a lovely flat with my boyfriend
  • Generally be happy with myself
In 2009 I will

Get to target
Meet a nice man who treats me properly
Stand up for myself more and without feeling guilty
Have lots of fabtastic clothes
Be a very happy person


soon to be skinny minnie
In 2009 i would love to

* Be at target for cousins wedding in July and for holidays
* Pass my open uni course
* Ha for my dear daughter to get her first teeth 10 months and still
no joy lol
* For my grans cancer to remain non active (tumor can't be removed
as it is in amongst important veins and stuff but it isn't active now
after chemo)
* To be able to go out and buy clothes which i love and will look
good in at target

Brit you are a great wee motivator hun x


is gonna shine in 2009
lovely thread!

IN 2009 i want to learn to drive and pass
get this last 3.5 stones off
and really looking forward to the first real family holiday to rhodes in 5yrs


Over half way to target
I want to:-

Reach target weight (and then maintain!)
Relax a bit more at work and not take stuff personally
Appreciate my OH more - and show it
Finish year 2 of my degree and submit all assigments on time
Decorate my dining room (its been down to the plaster for nearly a year!!!)

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