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Red Day Making my own sausages today!


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I've had a sausage maker for months but haven't got around to getting any skins yet. I'm getting some from the butcher in a little while and i'm going to have a go at making my very first ever sausages :eek:

And they'll be syn free too, as i'm mincing the meat myself so will cut all the fat off! :D

I'll report back with pics later (even if they're a total failure lol) xx
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Sounds yummy, dont forget the photos ...xx
A *sausage maker* OMG!:D What's it like? Wow how cool, show us some pics! :)


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just finished making (and sampling lol) them! :D just uploading some piccies :) xx


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piccies! :D we made pork sage and onion ones, beef and herb ones and beef curry ones. all syn free (save for the 2 slices of bread (blitzed to crumbs) that went into every 12 sausages. so for every 3 sausages it would be 1/4 of a HEb.

a pork, sage and onion sausage - it was yummy! :)

Hi there

I LOVE my sausage maker -I have a great recipe book for just sausages :p... just a tip (or 2) .... when you make the mixture -drop a small piece in a dry frying pan so you can test the seasoning before you make them ;) and remember that the flavour will develop as it stands over night :D
oohh oooh and
Sausage making, kits, herbs, spices, mincers, casings, skins - Designasausage.com
is great for skins and such like.... enjoy


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omg that is SUCH a good idea about frying a bit off first! i didn't even think of doing that! lol. i'm hoping i didn't put too much curry powder in the curry sausages... thanks for the tips and link! :D what machine do you have? mine's the anthony worral thompson mincer with sausage attachment xx
Hiya -
I have a machine called the Shark -it has 3 size of nozzle and has really earnt its keep -I usually make huge batches in one go and freeze em up -it was on designa sausage site but I don't think its on there now...
I have copied over this from my diary - a basic breakfast sausage recipe we like , and I also shape it into burgers sometimes too,,,,

the recipe if anyone is interested is :-

500g extra lean minced pork
1tsp coarse salt
1/2tsp dried sage
1/4tsp fine ground pepper
1/4tsp brown sugar (not even 0.5)
1/4tsp dried thyme
1/4tsp dried marjoram
pinch ground cloves
pinch crushed red pepper/paprika
Squish it all together and leave in the fridge for a few hours or over night (or however long you have)


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oooh that sounds delicious!!! :D
I haven't bought one yet but my Kenwood mixer has an attachment you can buy. Where is the best place to get the skins and are they syn free?Are they worth the money/hassle?


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i'm pretty sure the skins are free. we bought ours from the butcher but you can get them online too. cost £3 for about 10 metres. the sausages i made work out at about 70p each! but i used free range pork chops from the butcher and minced them myself. if you use ready bought pork mince they would work out a LOT cheaper than that. i think they're worth it. you can guarantee no gristly bits or bone (bleurgh!) and my OH said it's one of the best sausages he's tasted for years :D they were very yummy! x


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Ok this is defo the next buy on my sw 'gadget list'!! Whar do I ask for at the butchers though? Sausage casing? Also if using he meat these would be do-able on a green day- am right??

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Hi there

I use these skins -
Dry Beef Collagen - Designasausage
as they have a longer shelf life and no need to soak them like the fresh ones..

I have a brilliant American recipe book for just sausages -although there are things like Collared dove sausage etc :eek:

I never add bread or stabilisers to my sausages so they are a coarser/meatier texture than when you do add bread-but we have always preferred them that way.
I REALLY REALLY want a smoker next so I can make chorizo and cured sausages *hmmmmmm wonder if hubby would notice that if I stashed one in the kitchen ?* :D


Veganism isn't a diet.
I was about to buy the items online to make sausages when I thought how can sausages been Syn free if they have rusk/breadcrumbs.
So I did a search for Home made sausages syn free and this post came top hehe. Always Minimins to the rescue :D
However as you make your own and other people to I thought who better to ask.

How can sausages be Syn free with bread crumbs/ rusk added? Do they have to be added? Are there other options?
So many questions sorry.

Plus your sausages look amazing, they have made me even more determined to make my own. :D
We are getting sheep casing though as collagen cases tend to break more when frozen.

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