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Making soup

Ive seen people mention that when you make smoothies etc fruit is no longer free.

This might seem a daft question but if I make soup are the veggies still free? I do like my (formerly known as) no point soup and would love to make some but not so keen if I have to count it as Syns
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is getting better at it
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no it does not become syns so i have been told, how do you make your soup


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I hope not!!! I make a huge batch of red pepper and tomato soup each week and thicken it (and add stuff) to it to double as a pasta sauce...

...*keeps peepers peeled*


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That is a really good question starlight. As far as I know soup is free just wizzed up fruit is sinful.


is getting better at it
S: 17st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.11%)
i make that carrot and lentil soup i had it all the time when i was following core its lovely


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I think fruit has to be synned because of its natural sugar content (thats the idea i got), making soup as we speak, mines Butternut and carrot, makes lovely thick soup, can't wait. xxx


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leek and potatoes my fav- but arent those grated carrots from asda just brill??
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I've always been encouraged to eat soup at SW so I'm sure you'll be fine and the great thing is its very filling too. :)

I like to make a spicy butternut squash soup as its free on red or green. Mmm yummy.


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And on the programme on BBC the other week it said that soups keep the stomach fuller for longer and help in weightloss! Magic! So in theory if you liquidise your beef dinner (and that's what they did!) it will keep you going longer than if you eat it as it is!
I'm doing carrot and coriander for lunch. Whizz in abit of LF fromage frais after liquidising it to make it creamy, OR if we have guests I syn low fat creme fraiche (for a treat.)


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Reason fruit has sysn if whizzed is because it breaks down the fibres and you don't have to work to eat it, and something to do with sugars as well. The veg is fine as you there are less sugars and lots of fibres. Soup is yummy!


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oh this is FAB news! i assumed i couldn't have soup anymore because of the blending!

pre-SW i made soup ALL the time - love it :D

one of my faves is to fry off a couple of onions and some garlic (in frylight now, of course ;) ) until soft, then add some chopped carrot, chopped potato, red split lentils and pearl barley.

chuck in a litre or so of water and some vegetable bouillion and simmer for about 45 mins to an hour (or until the pealr barley's cooked through).

then blitz with a hand blender and eat - yum! i'm going to have some for my supper i think :)


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I have soup with my evening meal every day even if I have to syn it, it just helps to keep me more satisfied and besides eating my 2 Alpen light HEXB about 7.30/8.00pm with a coffee I don't feel hungry or fancy anything else to eat after dinner at night, so if my hubby makes himself a sandwich for supper I don't find myself wanting one too.

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