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Making the wrong choices for my points?

I'm new to WW having done SW in the past so not really sure how to work the diet best.

I'm loving the variety of WW and now realise that SW had become too restrictive for me BUT I'm concerned that I'm not making the best choices for my points.

I'm having 3 meals a day and snacks in between which are mainly WW choc bars and crisps. I'm not having many 0 pointed food but am on the whole filling up without them.

With the one exception (a planned meal out) I haven't gone over my points (knowingly!) but am worried that I should be eating fruit over choc! Obviously I know for health reasons the fruit option would be best but with regards to the losing weight, will I still lose by eating the 'rubbish' providing I stay within my points?

I'm hoping that when the novelty of being able to eat ANYTHING wears off I'll be back to chosing fruit like I was on SW.

I hope this makes sense and that someone with WW experience will be able to help. I'm doing this alone as I can't afford classes at the moment and only have old WW Switch books to work from!!

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Im sorry Im new to the diet so cant help much but just wanted to say hi and good luck. I do try to have a couple of portions of fruit a day using up some of the points I would otherwise have on junk.
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hi edwin i have also switched to w/w from slimming world have done w/w before but used to do the core/no count plan as i found when i counted points i ate crap food mcdonalds chocolate etc so when i rejoined 3 weeks ago i started the simply filling plan(similar to core) but found my portions were huge so have swithched to the point plan as long as you dont go over your point allowance you will lose weight obviously its better for you if you can eat fruit instead of chocolate, i buy the rich toffee bars as a treat they are delicious but i am trying to eat healthily rather than the junk food that i ate before i did buy a few w/w meals they are only £1 in iceland i add lots of veg to them or i make a zero point veg curry hope this helps you valerie x
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By eating chocolate you will feel hungry more often as its just sugar, so i would personally switch to fruit/vegetables.
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Just wanted to say welcome also, I too am ex slimming world and just started WW today, I decided to go to our local meeting, really to just get the books but decided to sign up to their monthly pass which makes it cheaper and I got a couple of books free. Wish you well with your diet!
Youre doing exactly what you should do. Your using your points the way it suits you!! If you want choc - have it. In an ideal world wed all chose fruit or veg over choc but hey thats not what got us overweight in the first place. So long as youre having 3 good sensible meals a day and are keeping within your points, dont worry about having 'junk'
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My only advice is enjoy your points, have whateva you want with them. Try to make healthy choices and bulk up on veg etc but if you want to spend your spare points on chocolate then thats 100% your choice and not a problem. Enjoy your points! Its the only way you can stick to it.
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I personally feel its all about balance try to limit the amount of choc etc you eat to be included in your plan as a treat instead of bulking out the whole points thing with it, I've just recently switched from Ww because I could'nt trust myself to make the right choices its what works for you as a person that counts.

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