Making this time, the last time!

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Laura here. Going through a bit of an intense year training to be a Primary Teacher. Lots of work has resulted in lots of takeaways, chocolates, crisps, scones, bottles of wine...the list goes on. I was already desperate to lose weight before I started this and had tried pretty much every Diet going. Now here I am 2 stone heavier than I was when I started! I am officially a chubby cubbie!

So 'the diet starts tomorrow' is something I've been saying since New Year...and now it's April. Oops. I had the 'click' moment last week when I saw myself in a full length mirror (don't have one at home...big mistake!) and couldn't believe just how much weight I'd gained.

So I've started making better choices and am using the SW plan. Not going to classes, I'm too busy and too poor. But have done really well so far. I've resisted several temptations and am fully focused on my goals. What I am lacking is a support base, and thought this might be a good place to look.
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Welcome Laura:)

I think this year so far has been the hardest year for dieters between colds, flus and all sorts of viruses going around, and it is only now with the bit of warmer weather and longer days that many people feel like coming out if hibernation and thinking about losing some weight and getting fitter for the you are in good company.:)

Any help myself or our members can give is there for the just have to ask and we will do our best to help if we can.

Making better healthier choice is the first step in the right direction and resisting temptation is the next...and when that fails you can always Syn it...well this is what I tell myself when I feel the urge is far, so good.

Good luck with SW and your weight loss journey.


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ots of work has resulted in lots of takeaways, chocolates, crisps, scones, bottles of wine...the list goes on.

This, this, this!

I can totally identify with the support base aspect (and being too busy/poor for the classes), I'll definitely be following your diary :)