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Malteseres...syns value ?


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Good morning all,

hope you are all well and had better few days than myself. :D

Been away for 5 days to go visit the Fairford Airshow, but sadly it was all cancelled due to the deluge of rain and bogged fields that it caused, so been stuck just going to visit different places and eating out.! :eek: (not a good start to SW way of eating). But never mind theres always next years airshow as booked up again for it (must be mad :rolleyes:)! so today is official start of doing SW. Got my books and raring to go. Got to get my head round the whole SW way of doing things as have always done WW so this is whole new way of doing things for me. :D:D

Will be posting a bit am sure as bit uncertain about things, but sure will soon pick it up.

Got a WI tomorrow but not going to have lost anything and probably will have gained due to being away staying at B&B etc, but did advise my new SW leader that would be the case. :p

So starting today!! whoohoo. Off shopping tonight as there is nothing in house to munch.

Havent got the password yet for the SW site, as couldnt stay to meeting last week, so can anyone tell me/or know how many sins are in packet of Maltesers ?? I know how many WW points are in one but not sins. :)


Deb x
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i THINK its 9.5 but someone will have to verify that.

good luck with SW:D


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We were supposed to be going to the Air show too. We now have to wait 8 weeks for the refunds. Boo!

What size was the maltesers?
21.5g bag = 5.5 syns
37g bag = 9.5 syns


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My mate has just sent my daughter a box of these in the post today grrrrr I've had four. This is awful I looooooooove chocolate!!!!


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Thanks, 9.5 sins it is then! :eek: it is going to take me a while to get used to sinning. :D:D:D

Taz, yeah I know its going to take a long time to get refund for tickets for the show. Hubby and I do the 5 day package, as hes a real enthusiast, so we will get a partial refund for the two main days that were cancelled, and like you will have to wait a long time for it.

We were talking to one of the admin girls on Sunday, and as you can imagine everyone involved were totally gutted at the news the main show days were to be cancelled. She said it felt just like a bereavement :cry:.

The work they have now to sort all the refunds out is huge. I really feel for all those involved in sorting it all out.

Ironically the Sat & Sun were gloriuous & sunny and would have been fantastic airshow days but the ground was just too saturated from previous rain storms.

All that organising and year of planning spoilt by our rotten UK weather. Such a pity.

Deb x


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I know, we looked at the weather and Mr Taz said "Perfect flying weather". He is going to do the 5 day package next year. Do you stay there or travel there and back every day?


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I know, we looked at the weather and Mr Taz said "Perfect flying weather". He is going to do the 5 day package next year. Do you stay there or travel there and back every day?
I know the weather was so wonderful for the show days, not too hot and just perfect. So typical eh!

Yes, we always fo the 5 day FRIAT package, it seems a lot of money but it is for 5 days entrance.

I am not an enthusiast like my hubby but love the fact you have private enclosure to go into with your own grandstand seat, private loos (always a godsend at airshows). Catering inside plus all the other bits you get with the package.

We stay in a B&B not far from Fairford, there are many places doing it, but make sure if you are going to next year, book early as they get booked up very quickly as many people from far and wide attend the show.

Deb x

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