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Kind of but to be honest I never took much time making food before. I'd just take something out of the freezer and into the oven! I was never preparing anything so I can't complain. Now I just think, less bills because the oven isn't on and much less washing up! And I used to wolf down my food so quickly it was gone in about 2 minutes! I think I drink the CD slower!

(Oh, and my other half bought me a Nintendo DS so i'm pretty obsessed with that at the moment anyway - and yes, I am older than 12!)


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yes. i do. but then it has made me realise that looking forward to what i was going to be eating while doing something, rather than looking forward to the something itself was how i ended up fat. so i'm using ss as a tool to get rid of that and looking forward to doing things instead, rather than what i'd be eating whilst there.

abz xx


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found sitting in front of TV and eating I was not aware of how much or even what i was eating so just munched on so the lbs/stones just piled on. So think like me you are becoming aware that eating was just something to do! I now exercise, read, or just do something instead of sitting.
Hope this helps ;0)


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I'm also trying to break the telly/nibbles habit, but have been really struggling without 'munchies.'

Have just discovered the crisps (check out the sticky for recipes) - feels like I'm being really naughty, but without 'cheating.' Trying muffins today.

Good luck xxx

what crisps? x

Jessie B

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The 'crisps' can be made in the microwave using a soup mix and a dash of tabasco. If you check the 'sticky' section, there's a post with lots of recipes to be made with food packs.

I wasn't too hopeful but made the crisps for the first time yesterday & they are really good. My muffins didn't work out quite so well today, but were ok & I got to eat with a spoon (whoo!)

I think because of lost vitamins etc. you're not supposed to do this with more than one food pack a day, but I think it's worth a go for guilt-free nibbles!

Good luck xx


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i struggled initially and I was on SS+ as well!
When things got tough I sat and talked to myself and asked would I really want to cheat when Im paying £35 a week when I could be paying nowt, getting fatter and being miserable.
I perked up after that and drank more water to commiserate in!


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I think that is the bonus of this diet that so called "normal" diets don't have as you can always pick on something with plans such as WW and SW....meaning you never break the association of a night in front of the tv with food.... or plan a day out around where you are going to eat!!

My life was just like that before Cambridge.... tv meant food, days out meant meal out... coffee, cakes.... now days out means just that... a day out doing something... not eating. I still find it hard sometimes... and without the internet and minimins I would find it hard to fill the void... but I have and it doesn't cause me to gain weight!! Give it time and you will find something.... I even considered getting the knitting out or cross-stitch again... (I did this big time whilst pregnant and giving up smoking) just to give my hands something to do!!

Jules x


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And you're only on day 2! LOL. Yes, it is boring. You just have to find more interesting things to do. I stopped watching telly myself. It then becomes a routine, and then, as the weeks pass, you get to this really nice place, where you lose interest in food because it's not for you, it's for other people just. And I find now that when I meet with friends I am more interested in seeing and talking to friends and nothing else.

I suppose it's just a case of getting your head in the right place. Wanting to lose weight enough to change and accepting change. Coming on here helps a lot too.

Good luck in finding your thing that gets your through the "food as entertainment" thing!