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Managing Holidays & Social Situations?

So far I've been happy in my week 3 LL bubble with a supportive O/H and a couple of close friends 'in' on my new programme. But...this weekend I'm off for a big group long-weekend and am very nervous about being around others who might not "get it".

I'm totally dreading the scrutiny, especially as some of the lads in our circle can be idiots...any advice on how to handle it?
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My poor hubby is on his 6th day and he arranged to do customers a bbq..lol..luckily one of his employees is doing the bbq and he is gonna shut himself in the office...aww i feel for him badly...but he has good will power and will be ok..

I dread to be in that situation, i was going to go to work with him today and wash the car, but i quickly changed my mind...my first day dont want to ruin it
Depends - are you keeping the diet a scret or are you afriad they will think its too hardcore? What exacty are your concerns?

I hae found every one supportive, so not encountered any Spanish Inquisitions.

Its difficult if its because you are akkeping it secret, which I did until it became obvious. I just told people I had already eaten, or I had a funy tumm, or had a root canal and mouth too sore so I am on a liquid diet for the interim, etc.

If its because you expect them to be too nosey - be firm, but polite, and tell them you are choosing to deal with some health issues, and this is under that care of your doctor, etc., etc., If they push, or get negative, become firmer. This is YOUR life - and you have the fina say.

These events usually go better then planne, and the reaction from others is usually bettter then expected too.

As for holidays - its perfectly acheivable to abstain 100%. This past spring I wnt back home to California for moms 90th birthday. Lots of parties - lots of events - a couple road trips, 3 BBQs, and life in hotels and airplanes, hubbgy eating in roadside retaurants, etc., etc., and I managed to stay 100% dedicated....it took some effort on my part, but the point of it is I was on a diet. Holiday is not a "get out of diet Free" card....so if you want to bad enough - you find ways t make it work.

There is no situation this diet cannot work in. :)
Good luck!
Thanks for the advice girls, I guess I need to examine what my reasons are for feeling anxious about the whole group holiday thing. I think its mostly that I hate scrutiny of any type, positive or negative...I'm definitely planning to stick to the programme 100% but am dreading the late-night drinking sessions planned for the weekend followed by our classic hang-over brekkies. I'm not worried about being tempted, I just don't want to be seen as a fun-sucker...TBH, if I don't make a big deal about it, I don't suppose everyone else will feel the need to either.
Yes SS! Thats the best way I thinkl - just be non-chalant about it - and it may go unnoticed - but I totally understand your concerns!! Its natural I think - we don't want any more attention drawn to us then necessary, usually - but in now way should you feel like a fun sucker. I am usre it will all go well.

GOod luck hon! Each conquest make you stronger and stronger, ready fr the next challenge! :)

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