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Mandies Diary

Hi all

I have posted a couple of times over the last few weeks but tend to just come on and read everybody elses posts.

Thought i would start my own diary.

I am on week 5 of LLT and had my weigh in tonight. I have now lost 29lbs and am so happy.

The last few weeks have been hard and im not gonna say it has been easy cause it hasnt. Although to be fair some weeks i have been fine so ups and downs. Have had days when i am really happy and other days when i have been very weepy and down.

I had a really bad day last week and thought i dont want to do this anymore and nearly gave up. I decided to go and see my counsellor and she is fantastic and decided after seeing her and realising i had done so well to carry on.

I think for anyone in there first few days i can only say carry on because it s the most fantastic diet and the results keep you going, even on days when you are at your lowest.

My husband has been the most amazing support and im sure some days he must have been sick of me but hes constantly telling me how proud of me he is.

I have found that cooking for him and my children was very hard at the beginning but i am now in a strange way enjoying cooking them nice meals and experimenting with the cooking. I used to be a terrible picker and found that i had to spray the pans and their plates when they had finished with mr muscle to stop me being tempted lol, how sad am i but it worked. Little pickers wear bigger knickers as i keep being told lol!!!!!:D

Sorry if im rambling on but i have found this the hardest yet best thing i have ever done and the hunger really hasnt been a problem its all in the mind and i have realised how much i used to eat out of habit rather than actual hunger. It is most definitely an incredible journey that we are all going through. It has taught me so much about myself and my triggers that i have realised my life will never go back to how it was.

Anyway i think everyone doing this diet should be so proud of themselves and reading everybodies diaries and posts has really helped me on days when i am feeling crap even if i havent commented.

Thanks ladies & gents and onwards and downwards.

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Hey Mandie will look forward to reading ur journey.. well done on ur loss to date!! x


Tough But Sexy X
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Hey and well done, keep it up xxx

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Welcome to the forum, and good luck with you journey. I am on week 9 and go through similar ups and downs, I can be feeling fine and suddenly feel weepy and down but for no good reason? Not sure why really, but the support on here along with reading others diaries who are ahead and successful help me to keep focysed and know that I will continue and succeed.
Keep with it, it can be a bumpy ride, but stay focussed on the new you that will emerge.
Keep posting!


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Welcome to you.

Well done on your great loss so far.

Really pleased you have good support at home. This can be an emotional journey!!


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Hi Mandie
Great to hear you have done so well in 5 weeks good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey.
The ups and downs I can relate to this morning I had a nice lie in but got up feeling sorry for myself so after giving myself a good talking too I am now smiling and looking forward to another great day.The sun is shining and I am smiling.
Hi Mandie
You are doing fantastically!

I relate to the cooking for family (Im only on day 9) what I find the strangest is cooking and not tasting. I don't crave to do it or find it difficult, I just hope what I am dishing up is tasty.

Good luck x


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Keep going Mand! I couldn't cook for others just yet! I do feel guilty my other half is fending for himself though but he's a big boy I guess!


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Hi mandie doing really well,fantastic!
Sexy xx

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