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March 2010 starters

Thought I'd start a thread of Marchies as after a terrible fortnight I'm basically re-starting today anyway :eek:

My short-term goal for this month, on the 20th I'm getting measured for a suit for a wedding in September (a pretty scary prospect for someone who struggles with weight to get measured for something to wear 6 months later! :eek: ). That's 2.5 weeks away so hopefully I can be at least half a stone lighter by then, if I can match my losses from 2008 I could be a stone lighter but that's a bit of a stretch I think!

Good luck for anyone else starting this month :)
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Guess it's early days for March starters yet, hence I shall plod on my own for now :p

Day 2 and all is well, got back down to the gym last night and plan to go again tonight after work, feeling back in the right mindset for this now, and looking back realised how much I was so *not* in the right mindset for it last month with the various things that were happening.

Still, live and learn!
Hi - I started at the beginning Feb and am on week 4, but have had a nightmare week and was really naughty on Saturday (drinks not food)! Been trying to compensate by working out 5 times this week instead of 3 but still not even back to what i weighed in at last Saturday - ooops. :banghead:

So like you - live and learn!


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Hi Guys!!! Good Luck. I too have been crappy over the last few weeks due to one thing or another. I have weigh in tonight, and lets go from there!!
Thought I'd start a thread of Marchies as after a terrible fortnight I'm basically re-starting today anyway :eek:

My short-term goal for this month, on the 20th I'm getting measured for a suit for a wedding in September (a pretty scary prospect for someone who struggles with weight to get measured for something to wear 6 months later! :eek: ).Good luck for anyone else starting this month :)
I'd feel exactly the same way! I never know what my eating/weight will be like from one month to the next.

I have started a refreshers group this month so I am on board. Best of luck to all x


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I like the way you have done your signature shweet x
Woo more people! :D

End of day 2 and did another 40 minutes on the cross-trainer after work and boy did I feel it, I was sore from yesterday before I went in! But I know that's how it goes when you take a break from exercise, the first few days back doing it are the hardest, just like LL! I was a bit naughty and jumped on my own scales tonight, clocked in at 116Kg which is 5Kg more than 3 weeks ago *sigh* Hopefully that'll be down another kilo or 2 by Friday night's WI!

Melarnz, how did you get on at your WI?

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!


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I put on 1lb. Which due to lots of bodily funtions all going on at the same I was not suprised about (sorry if that's too much info). Like you pete, I feel like my head is back in the right place again now. I'm looking forward to cracking on!!!
I started last Thursday (so technically March). First weigh in tonight. I'm so scared as i had 3 glasses of wine. I can't believe i let myself down so early. It's not food that's my problem, it's going out and not drinking. So i guess i'll stay in from now on. Does anyone else have this trouble? Good luck to everyone. Also how do you add a profile picture??? xx
Hi Vikki - I am exactly the same as you - I keep giving in to the wine when i am out. I did it again last night - grrrrrr. I was so good for the first 3 weeks too. But today is another day and i resolve to be good from here on in. I am doing LLL.

Good luck at the weigh in tonight.
Welcome to LL and MM's Vikki!

You need to have made 20 posts before you can add a profile pic and you need to have made 50 posts before you can view other people's photo albums :) get posting! lol

re: the alcohol, I can't say I've had a problem with it as I was basically tee-total for a few years before doing LL anyway. I would say however that alcohol can be dangerous while doing a VLCD like LL because your body has a much weaker resistance to it's effects, keep that in mind next time you want a glass! Alcohol can also give you a false reading on your ketone stick test when you go for your weight-in as the body can make ketones out of alcohol, so if you sneak glasses of wine in the week you won't get a clear indication of how far into Ketosis you are either.

From an online article I found a while back;
Alcohol is not food, and it does not provide any essential nutrients; your body cannot use the alcohol itself to make glucose (energy)....... they are changed to fat and stored as triglycerides. In other words, it is easier to think of alcohol as being like a fat....
Normally, if you haven't eaten for a while, your body uses its liver stores of glucose (called glycogen) for energy.
You have no glycogen while on LL as that's part of what makes it work

....when these stores are used up, the liver makes glucose from other sources
in the case of LL, this is your bodyfat

....However, alcohol inhibits the liver from making glucose, so if you haven't eaten, you run the risk of low blood glucose (hypoglycemia)
So not only will drinking alcohol make your body turn the alcohol into fat, it will also stop your liver from metabolising your bodyfat into energy leading to not losing weight and probably a very tired/lethargic feeling.

In other words, DON'T DRINK! ;) :p
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Wow Pete!! thats a great bit of research there!! I will pass it on to the lady in my group!

It explains why she had 3 glasses of wine and had a bit of a gain this week!
Blimey - no more wine for me then!

I have been working really hard at the gym - did 45 mins cross trainer and 30 mins aerobics 3 times this week so am praying for a miracle and i don't gain too much tomorrow morning from the wine last Saturday night!

Pete - I've noticed sometimes that in the weeks where i work out loads i don't loose as much, and i know the whole muscle weighs more than fat thing but i do mostly cardio - do you get the same?

How you getting on Melarnz?


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Hi katie- not too bad. Had bad headache yesterday when I woke up, but just tried to ignore it and it went away.

How's everyone elses withdrawal symptoms??
Come on ladies - get in the zone.
Lots of reasons to come off the wine while doing LL.
This isn't like WW or SW where los of people "cheat" and the odd extra here or there, food or drink, won't make a difference.
It needs to be a real commitment. It's all or nothing.
If you can't start off whole heartedly it may not be the right time for you.
It also costs a lot of money.
A blessing is that doing extra exercise won't compensate either while you are on abstinence. You need to have a different mind-set for LL.
vicky, don't stay in- if you deny yourself everything you are less likely to succeed. Find a way that works for you. You'll see that many of us have been to weddings, parties, dinners out etc, etc, and stayed on the water or coffee and still had a good time. I know, I was amazed too!
It is possible.
After a few weeks you will see such a dramatic change and you will want to do it.
Stick with it and good luck.
Sorry if this seems harsh, but I feel very passionate about it because doing LL has given me my life back.


Guess who's back...?
Pete!! How the devil are ya!?

I started again yesterday - decided not to make a big thing of it in case I was unable to stick to it... I've started again and failed before, even dabbled in Diet Chef and Slimming World too.

Anyway - started yesterday, with a new Foundation group (WIs on Sundays)... doing the full 14 weeks, or as long as it takes to lose 2 stone 9 pounds... hoping to see it though, just taking each day as it comes.

Wish me luck! And good luck to you too mon amie - how is life treating you?? :) x
Have to agree with Slenda on her post ~ you need to train your mind to believe this is 100% abstinence.

I started in September and didn't allow myself to think of cheating. I took it day to day, but even through Christmas I had nothing but my packs.

I have been on many nights out, but avoided a few to start with as I needed to get in the swing before putting myself in tempting situations.

I am 6 stone lighter now and still losing ~ this diet is fabulous if you get in the mindset from the offset.

Good luck to all newbies and all you refreshers. xx :)
Hi All March 2010 starters,
I started on Jan 13th, did LL two years ago and didnt stick with it only did 7 weeks. Had done lots of other diets and LL was the best as the results are so quick and I want to be slim yesterday, so here I am back again. I am on week 8 did 4 wks on LL and then my BMI was low enough to do LLL. wk1 - 7.5 wk2 - 6 wk3- 4 wk4- 3 wk5- 2.5 wk6-4 wk7-2.5 Good luck everybody, just get through 1 day at a time.:)

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