Step2 810kcal Day 1 .... 2 stone to loose ....


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Evening all,

My background is as follows:

Started CD back in June 2008 after having my first baby ... felt so good during week 3 and obviously wanted to show the 1 stone weight loss off to my husband that I ended up pregnant with baby no. 2 (oops !)

Dabbled with it again over the years, but didn't take it seriously ...

Went to the gym and did many of their plans - 1200 calories with insane workouts, the only thing lighter was my purse but with some seriously good, firm glutes, abs and shoulders .... under a fairly tidy amount of lard !

I am off for a couple of cheeky short holidays - one in a month to Ibiza for 2 days with the husband and the second in Palma mid- September with the girlfriends.

I am always the one in the costume to hide the tum ... this year I want to wear a bikini !

I think I can do it .... I KNOW I can do it ... who wants to join me on the magical mystery journey of ketosis and inch loss ????
Awe hey,

Not sure I can call you by your name lol, sounds derogatory ;) can I call you Polly it's the name of a character Hayley mills played in an old movie?

Well your intro, especially the 2nd conception made me laugh. So welcome aboard. What are you looking to lose? Share more ;) :)

Hi SummerChic. Your diary inspired me to start typing. How's it going for you ?

Of course you can call me Polly :)

Right. I'm 13stone 4lb / 85kg ... as of yesterday and 165cm in height. I am 45 years old, active and also have 2 mutts that keep me going when the kids are at school. I seem to have put on 6kg since May :banghead: through just not being careful, closing my mind to what I am putting in my body and not weighing myself ... the old 'head in the sand' denial even though the trousers are getting tighter and my face is merging with my neck.

I am also a mother of 2 kids. Closer in age than planned thanks to the Cambridge Diet o_O

Funnily enough, last week on holiday, I had to get weighed to go parasailing. We were on the boat and the scales measured in kilos. I looked down (as did my smug husband) and I said that the scales were well out even though when he got weighed a couple of days earlier to go himself, they were correct. See ... self denial rearing its ugly head again ! I think I also didn't care until I got on those dreaded scales. Then I realised I was getting bad and it was time to start taking control again.

I'm pretty much following this ...

7.30am Pint of coffee with splash of zero fat milk
9.00am Chocolate or banana tetra
11.30am Bar
2.30pm Thai or other hot shake/meal from CD
6.30pm chicken and salad within allowance

3ltrs water/watermelon flavouring with added fibre.

Re: the fibre, bought it yesterday because it is chicory root. It is an incredibly well known prebiotic - the one that feeds the probiotics in the gut. Happy guts = happy immunity = potentially better weightless.

I may buy more from Amazon direct as it is expensive buying it through CD.

I'm day one, still and peeing for England. All good as I'm saying goodbye to the glycogen stores. Just waiting to get into ketosis and the husband is now a Jaffa too :whistle: I've done my bit for the gene pool !

xxx Pollski xxx
Hey Pollyanna,

How's you getting on after day 4? It's summer hols now and things are getting crazy this end. I have a massive spring clean to do but it's going to have to wait a little bit. As have to occupy daughter. Went Thorpe park yesterday. Great fun. Managed nearly all the rides. Take a poncho lol.

I'm into week 7 and still going strong. I have no desire to stop until I reach goal. It's not even an option. Even in social scenarios I'm there with my bar or shake. And I'll happy sit with a black coffee, a little bit of vanilla or hazelnut stevia and it's all good. I have no desire for what they're eating.

In it for the long haul.

How are you?