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margyparkers vegan diary


My belly this will be!
Friday 24th Sept 2010

ok need some advice on what I am eating as it all seems to be going pear shaped. I am using the GREEN plan and body optimise.

Should have started this a month ago but better late than never - also wish I had measured myself as I may see some differences there that are not on my scales - ho hum.

I used to eat very little and never lose weight - the first week on the diet I ate loads and lost 2 pounds but it has all been downhill since then and I think if anything I am slipping back into old habits of not eating enough. We shall see....


2 weetabix and milk from daily allowance - daily allowance is from A section but the only thing a vegan can have from that section is soya milk. As I haven't been losing I have bought a measuring jug and made sure I stick to 250ml only.

3 small cox apples

baked potato about 3 inches across and half a can of baked beans.

small apple and a bar of fry's chocolate cream = (10.5 syns)

steamed white rice and chickpea, vegetable and pineapple (2 syns) curry. Curry was thickened with mushy peas and dried potato flakes.

strawberries and pineapple with soya yogurt (1.5 syns)

Lot of syns today but the last 2 days only about 6 syns each day.

Note - only one choice from the B healthy extras. Couldn't be bothered to eat another today.:jelous: me bad. No exercise today as I hurt my knee at the gym.
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My belly this will be!
saturday25th September 2010 - no exercise today

toast, nuked tomatoes 2, baked beans quarter of a can, vegan bacon, brown sauce. Cuppa tea. Small bowl of strawberries.

2 small apples

lunch - lentil and carrot soup home made

2 small apples and a big handful of grapes and a banana.

supper - vegetable pineapple and chickpea curry and brown rice. A large peach.

Nuts and toast as healthy extra Bs and 250ml soya milk as healthy extra A.

syns - brown sauce = 1 syn, half a packet of polos = 3.5 syns vegan bacon half a pack = 2 syns = 6.5 syns in total.
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My belly this will be!
Sunday 26th September 2010

Exercise - at he gym - weights - cross trainer and rowing machine - 405 calories burned

HEA = soya milk - HEB - weetabix and nuts

Breakfast - weetabix x2 and milk from allowance.

A banana and two handfulls of grapes.

A big bowl of lentil soup and another handful of grapes.

2 small apples and a banana

Cauliflower, carrots, baked potato, broccoli, cabbage and half a pack of vegan bacon slices.

strawberries with half a lemon juice and sweetener.

syns half a pack of polos - 3.5 syns and a tablespoon marg with my veg - 5.5 syns = total of 9 syns today.
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My belly this will be!
Monday 27th Sept 2010 - exercise 14 mile cycle to work and back

breakfast - 2 weetabix and daily milk

3 small apples

lunch - baked spud and heinz spaghetti


supper - chickpea vegetable and pineapple curry with sprouts cauliflower cabbage carrot

strawberries and yogurt - yogurt = 3 syns

not managed to have 2 heBs today just one as the weetabix and the heA was the soya milk:eek:
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My belly this will be!
Tuesday 28th Sept 2010

Gym session before work 370 cals burned

breakfast - 2 weetabix and milk from allowance - nuts for yesterdays missed HEB


lunch - baked potato and heinz spaghetti and some beetroot

small apple and a banana

Tofu slices fried in oil

syns - 3.5 half a pack of polos - 12 syns oil for frying tofu

Unwell today so not eaten as normal and off to bed at 6pm.
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My belly this will be!
Wednesday 29th September 2010

Breakfast - and before bed snack = weetabix and milk from allowance = HEX A and B

2 small apples

Baked potato and beetroot and spaghetti (heinz)

2 Small apples and a banana

Tofu slices and chips and red pickled cabbage and mushy peas.

Weetabix for second HEB.

No exercise and syns = 7 = a pack of polos
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My belly this will be!
Thursday 30th September

Gym before work burned 350 cals.

Breakfast - weetabix and milk from allowance

Feeling quite hungry today so a bowl of yogurt and a carton of blueberries mid morning and also 2 small apples.

Baked spud and beetroot and heinz spaghetti

Fry's chocolate cream bar - whoop! A small apple.

Pasta in tomato sauce with cabbage green beans and peas.

yogurt and nuts.

HEA and B = weetabix nuts and milk

Yogurt = 3 syns. choc bar = 10 syns extra yogurt =3.25 syns - total = 16.25 syns
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I think, having just seen your group post, that perhaps the amount of calories you are burning may be putting you into the "starvation" mode of body thinking. You are burning off a HUGE chunk of your daily intake, and this diet is really designed for people who dont do that sort of intensity level of exercise, lets be honest, many people lose well on this plan with NO exercise at all.

I know its not about the calorie counting, but if things remain the same after next week, you might want to try giving yourself a bit extra.
Mine tends to be 1200 to 1500 which is what you'd aim for if you were on a calorie controlled diet as well. You should never go below 1000 a day or your body will think you're starving it.

If you have your A's and B's and all 15 syns you're looking at 900ish calories and there's only so much 'free' food you can eat. That's why the diet works...you think you're not calorie counting but it is at the end of the day - all diets are :) Simple maths > burn off more than you put in.


My belly this will be!
Ooo now I can see why things may be going wrong - burning too many calories and not accounting for it. I just thought if I went to the gym things would happen quicker. What a numpty - you live and learn. Bring on the chocolate bars! Thank you so much for your response - much appreciated Emmylou.
No problem. It's awful to be working so hard at something but not getting anywhere when you feel you should be. It sounds like you've got the motivation and will power sorted which is the hard part. The rest of us would love to need to eat more :D

Some days I am just over the 1000 mark as I've used hardly any syns or no A or B but so long as it's not every day like that it seems to work. I'm losing a steady pound or so a week. With exercise I'm sure I'd lose more but I'm too lazy!


My belly this will be!
October 1st 2010

Breakfast - 4 weetabix and milk from allowance :eek:

2 pears

Baked spud and heinze spaghetti

apple and banana

supper - cauliflower, carrots, swede, sprouts, sweetcorn and pasta in tomato sauce

No exercise today - syns 2 tablespoons of marg on veggies = 11 syns - 3.25 syns for yogurt and 5.5 syns for nuts = total syns = 19.75
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My belly this will be!
So I was getting a bit envious of everyone eating bars and I thought I would look for some vegan ones. I found a few including caramel snackajacks - which I haven't had for years and are yum - got them home and proceeded to try them all!

Then I looked at the syns and here is what I have just eaten!
2 Caramel snack a jacks - 5 syns
Sainsbugs - so organic hazelnut and cereal bars - 6 syns
Naked Bar - Berry cheeky - 5 syns
Naked Bar cocoa loco - 5 syns.

Very yummy! And only 21 syns:eek: :sign0007:
good job I had some syns left over from last week!:D

Think I am quits now - will be difficult keeping my hands off the rest of the bars now tho!

Breakfast - 2 weetabix and soya milk
2 yogurts

Lunch - cereal bars

2 large apples

Supper - quinoa with roasted vegetables and a large portion of SW chips.

Rice and yogurt with fresh fruit.

500 calories burned at the gym - am amazed only managed 400 up until now. Am going to try to eat as much free food as possible this evening.

Syns - 21 from cereal bars and 6 for yogurts = 27 syns
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My belly this will be!
Tried to eat more food yesterday - up twice in the night to pee grr. I wonder if the choice will be to be thinner or constantly sleepy!
Trying to eat more free food today. I find it difficult. :eek:

Breakfast 3 weetabix - some of my HEB and milk from HEA.

Midmorning - slices of melon then a bowlfull of yogurt with rice mixed in.

Lunch - 3 Big ladles of lentil and barley soup and apple for afters. Also a hazelnut cereal bar.

Mid afternoon - yogurt with rice mixed in with fresh strawbs mixed in.

Supper - Mashed potatoes with soya milk, tin of baked beans and vegan bacon. Fresh pineapple.

Don't like this eating lots of food malarky - have felt full all day but if that is what it takes to get the weight off so be it.

If I can I will eat the other weetabix from my HEB later this evening.

Syns = 5 for soya yogurt - 2 for vegan bacon and 6 for hazelnut cereal bar = 13 syns in all.
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My belly this will be!
Monday 4th October

Breakfast - 3 weetabix - spare one from yesterday! plus soya milk

mid - Yogurt with rice and strawberries mixed in.

Lunch - 3 big ladles of lentil and barley soup - large apple - most of a large melon:eek: and 2 kiwi fruit.

Mid - cereal bar and peach

Supper - sprouts, broccoli, peas and tomato based pasta. for afters yogurt rice mix with fresh strawbs mixed in.

Syns = 4 for yogurt - 6 for cereal bar = 10 in total - weigh day tomorrow!
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My belly this will be!
Tuesday 5th October 2010

Something is working - dropped 2 pounds yay - about time. Now the problem is was it because I ate more or not. Should have taken minxs advice and waited until weigh day to find out - perhaps i will just eat normally for half the week and eat a lot for the rest of the week.

Breakfast 2.5 weetabix with soya milk
banana and cereal bar

Mid - ryvita thin and yogurt with rice mixed in

Baked potato and spaghetti

Mid - banana and 2 snackajack caramel

Supper - chips, peas and vegan fishfingers. Apple and pear.

Before bed one and a half weetabix.

Feel a bit tired and fed up - I was up 3 times in the night to pee and stayed awake each time for about an hour. Also husband has had man flu and I was surrounded by sneezing at work today. Grr.:mad:
Syns - ryvita 2, snackajacks 5, cereal bar 5, 2 vegan fish fingers 5 syns yogurt 3 =20 syns in total.
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Hi Margy, Sorry to see that you are having abit of hard time at the mo. Man flu' eh?! That's really awful - grind you into the gound sometimes don't they?!! But must admit I have just gotten over the cold bug that is going round now and it is very much like having a three day flu'. - And as for the peeing at night, 2/3 times a night me!
Always admire people who can stick to vegan/vegetarian diets. My daughter is the latter and has weight problems too. Uncanny isn't it, that you are eating all those healthy nutritous foods and still put on the pounds?
However, thought I would pop in and see how you are doing, very well by the looks of it. So keep it up.
P.S. Sorry if I seem to be a bit bossy in the chitchat games but I am a bit fanatical about playing the games correctly. But you are entitled to do it your way as well. (sounds like I am giving you permission, doesn't it? Drat! That's the grtgran in me showing!!):D


My belly this will be!
Aww Emmaline you sound lovely - thank you so much for looking in my diary and worry not about the games - s'all a bit of fun eh?

Is the peeing ever going to stop? I find it really disruptive - it wouldn't be so bad if I went straight back to sleep - I even tried staying completely in the dark when I pee to see if that makes any difference but no - I still stay awake for an hour or so afterwards. Really draining. Pah - onwards and downwards. **Is a grumpy sod with a chesty cough**:eek:

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