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Mash - How do you do yours.

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What about trying those "butter buds" and a wee bit of your milk allowance. I saw them in lakeland once, it's very low calorie and apparently give a nice buttery taste. I haven't tried them so couldn't say if they're nice or not but worth a try.

Or syn some low fat spread and HE your milk?


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Thanks for the replies ladies. Those butter buds sound interesting, might have to investigate those further!
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I use some skimmed milk from my HE-A and a bit of quark, or natural yoghurt.

I also like to do variations on mash. Add some grated cheese for cheesy mash, or wholegrain mustard (1 or 2 syns worth), or steamed leeks. Just nice to jazzy the mash up a bit!


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Depends what it's to go with - sometimes a little low fat spread and other a little vegetable stock made with a cube. Sounds odd but it does work! Also tried the sausage and mash recipe in last months mag and it was delic!


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I had a real craving for comfort food the other day so made:
Potatoes - boiled with some salt and mashed really well
Added some milk (Hex A) and 28g low fat spread (5syns between 2). Added loads of pepper, placed in a dish then added 112g mature cheddar on top (between 2 and was 1 HexA and 1 HexB), then baked on gas 6 for about 15-20 mins.
I served it with just beans and it was so filling and satisfying you'd never guess it was diet food!
Good thing to do if you've saved yourself some Hex's on a green day!


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I got a bag of potatoes in Asda at the weekend - a new type of potato that claims to be so buttery in taste that you don't need to add butter. Obviously you'd still need something to loosen the mash but it might solve the butter question. I'll let you know how I get on with them!


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I use Cream Of The Crop Mashed Potato With Spring Onion from Heron Frozen food shop, its free on green and extra easy and It doesn't need anything added to it. x Loobylou


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My Auntie gave me a tip years ago when they had to go on a very low fat diet, if you add some milk and whisk your potatoes using a hand blender they come out really really smooth and creamy, add salt and pepper to taste and they are lush :)


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I whisk my up with a electric mixer & just add salt & pepper hummyyyy:)


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i beat an egg with a pinch of nutmeg and mash in to boiling hot spuds you have to mash asap if not the egg sets its nice and creamy :)


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I usually add a tiny dash of milk and an egg. And for anyone worried about raw eggs (like my friend was), if you mash it into the hot potatoes then the egg will cook in the heat of the potatoes. But make sure you mash quickly, otherwise you'll end up with scrambled egg in your mash :p
Depending on what I'm serving it with I sometimes add a bit of garlic powder or bovril to add some flavor.

I tried doing my mash with a hand blender once and it turned almost runny. While it was definately very smooth, it wasn't too liquid-y for me. I like my mash quite thick and fluffy and it definitely wasn't that! Maybe it was the type of potatoes I was using?

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