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Massive gain .. whats the most anyone has gained ??

Hey , well I have had an off week . My baby girl was 2 on wednesday and we had several celebrations , a meal out with a friend on the wednesday then a party tea , with pastries , and lots of cake .. then we took the kids to Peppa Pig world .. a 3 hour drive and we ended up haing McDonalds Breackfast , chips and hot dogs for lunch ( bad bad peppea pig world for not selling any healthy food !!!) and a Burger king on the way home for tea .. then on sunday we had a meal out with my brother and best mate , then an afternoon with hubbies foster parents , including cake ... then fish and chips on the way home .. so basically 3 days of rubbish .. and WI tonight .....

6 lb gain !!!!!!!!!!!!

wow , I was expecting about 3-4 bbut 6 is amazing ...... I was just wondering whats the most anyone has put on in a week ????
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Biggest i had was 5lbs and wasnt even for a special occasion week either, was so determined and razzed off i that i managed to lose it by next weigh in - phew. I'm stuck in a rut a bit at the mo, but will weigh in tomorrow, bite the bullet so to speak and buckle down x


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9lb in 5 days, lost 5lb of it in the next 4 days though so don't worry. Most of it is probably fluid retention and should be gone next week :)


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If you gain a large amount in 1 week it's usually fairly easy to get it off the following week in my experience.


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3lb for me!!!

A woman at our group put on 8.5lb in one week and the following week lost 8lb!


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5lbs but that was 6 days of crap and drinking, expecting a gain in 2 weeks as I'm away AI and I intend on enjoying it and using it as a fresh start when I get back
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I put on 8lbs in one week when I went to Marbella for my brothers wedding but the following week I lost 9lbs :) the key is to get back on track straight away, that way you've only lost one week & your back on the weight loss train again


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3lbs for me, but the following week I lost 4lbs. Stick to plan and it'll b off in no time.


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I have had a bad week+ too, due to my kitchen refurb; the most I've ever gained in a week was 7.5lbs, but I feel like I'm about to top that...

I'm not too worried, I cannot wait to get back on plan. Interesting observation though: 7 days of crap eating and my skin has really suffered and I've got some serious bloating/water retention. It's times like these you realize the value of a healthy lifestyle. To think I used to eat like this (worse!) all the time!


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Mines about 10 days, getting married and honeymoon and I've gained..........9.5lbs!

Painful but back on it today! X


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dont panic too much!! everyone gains differently...i'll try and explain...

for example if i went completely off plan today.....and i mean well off,haha i would put on 6ish lbs overnight.....whereas one of my friends would only put on 1lb.
but i would also if good shift that at least in a week....my friend wouldnt it would stick around.

ive had 3 or 4 days off before...gained 8lb...sob.....but hopping straight back on and being 100% for a week(with all my syns i might add no cutting back trying to rectify) i have gone to wi and pulled off a sts or loss(this is since at target so didnt pay for the gain,lol).

the short of it is everybody gains and loses differently so you cant go by what happens to others too much.
8.5 pounds in a week - I went to Disneyland Paris and they just don't do healthy - no fruit anywhere other than at breakfast! Taking my own fruit when I return this September.!:D

Like the others have said a quick gain usually equals a quick loss which is exactly what happened when I got back on the Plan after my holiday.:D

Don't give yourself a hard time - everyone is entitled to go off Plan - I always think if you don't go off Plan occasionally then you end up resenting the Plan and go off it anyhow. You'll have that off in no time!:)
thanks everyone :) I am hoping for as much as it off as possible by next week . I have recently come off cambridge and think my metabolism is still in shock so I guess its understandable .. and I do normally have great first week losses so hopefully next week will be a good one :D
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Excuse me for saying so, but for what you've had I dont really think 6lb is a HUGE gain.

Try not to worry about it - you'll have it shifted soon :) x


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I put on eight pounds last week in eight days, but between Sunday and today Ive lost ALL of it PLUS two pounds :) Its mostly water, it'll be gone in the next week or so, dont worry about it just get back on plan. Everyone's allowed time off :)


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If I so much as sniff a slice of pizza I can gain 5lbs... yet I have had a chinese some weeks and still lost!! We are all different, each food is different and bodies are strange things sometimes, just keep focused and you will realise that it doens't matter how bad the slip ups are, if you get back on plan the weight will come back off.

All part of the journey, enjoy your week this week xxxxxxxxxxx


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One of my SW buddies put on 6lb a couple of weeks ago, and it gave her a massive kick up the bum!! She went back to week 1, started from the beginning and lost 9lb the following week!!!

Don't let it get your down, just put the week behind you and start again :)

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