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massive storm!

Looks a wee bit dark - some may brewing for a storm in the Midlands too!!


Going for Goal!
Read my post on the Friday Hour By Hour - I was caught in a storm :( ffffffffffreeezing!!!!!!!!!

I usually enjoy storms too - only when indoors though!

HUgs x x x


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Down in the South East there is Quite a bit of Blue Sky with some Fluffy White clouds at the Mo...

Hope it stays dry as want too mow the lawn if I can get the kids to have a nap!


Winning a losing battle!
We had a storm a couple of hours ago but have reasonably blue sky and fluffy clouds at the moment - I am due to go out shortly so no doubt it'll change as soon as I do!!


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Opps I spoke too soon... it's now peeing down with rain and seriously dark!!


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Blue skies with white fluffy clouds in South Wales!

We had a massive storm this morning and torrential rain. The storm must be travelling across the country!

Where is our summer?!

im in southampton and we have ble sky and white clouds, but i have to say the clouds are moving pretty quickly-probably to make way for the storm ones you guys are sending down to me! :) i have my first say=turday off work in about a year tomo and i bet it rains!!x
I just got caught up in it here in Chelmsford, i was pushing my double buggy through the park and got absolutely soaking wet...i mean completely wet through...i was wearing leggings and it looked like i was wearing the wet look leggings....even my pants were wet!!
I made a mad dash for it but then one of the drains had burst and i had to wade through stinking sewage water in my ballet pumps! So i squelched all the way home! I stank...just got home and had a shower and am all cosied up in my dressing gown!
I think today it's been more a question of what weather haven't we had! This morning it was cloudy, then it rained. That soon stopped and it was a bit windy-I dashed down the road while I had the chance!:D Nearly got home when I heard a rumble of thunder, but nothing happened. Not long after I got in it rained really hard. That stopped and started a couple of times before the sun came out and the blue sky! Wierd weather!:confused:
Its got even clearer and sunnier here since my last post, nice to sit in the pub for an after work water! :) xx


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It is a lovely evening in West Yorkshire, blue sky with white clouds, patio doors open and birds singing. No storms so far today but am sure the good weather won't last that long! I am not a huge fan of lightning, don't mind a good downpour as long as I am inside ;)

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