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Mastiffmum's Food Diary

After successfully losing over 5 stone, I gained back over a stone and so restarted SW monday 20th June. Thought I would keep a food diary to help me stay on track for the next 2-3 stones.

Tuesday 28th June - Red day

Breakfast - ff yoghurt, fresh grapefruit and orange with a crumbled in scan bran - 1 syn
Lunch - wholemeal pitta (hex b) with lots of ham and salad and a little ex lf mayo - 1 syn
Dinner - small homemade lasagne using x lean mince, grated carrot and slicing mushrooms inbetween layers to replace the pasta, topped with white sauce made with quark and cheese (hex a), served with potato wedges (hex b)
Snacks - milk in tea and coffee (hex a), french fries, and a bacardi & malibu, mixed with sugar free fruit fizzy drink as a night cap - 9 syns

Total 11 syns

Wednesday 29th June - EE day

Breakfast - ff yoghurt mixed with 2 crumpled scan bran - 2 syns
Lunch - 4 ryvita (hex b) with home made cheese spread (hex a) (quark, lf cheese, fresh chives, salt & pepper), plum
Dinner - lean roast pork, sw roast potatoes and lots of mixed steamed veg, little bit of apple sauce & gravy - 2 syns
Snacks - small amount of skim milk for teas and coffees, nectarine, fun size flake - 5 syns

Total 9 syns
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Thursday 30th - Red

Breakfast - alpen light and a plum, half Hex b
Lunch - leftover sw friendly lasagne (no pasta) - hex a
Dinner - steak with mixed roasted veg with two small new potatoes - half hex b
Snacks - beefy space raiders, milk in tea & coffee (hex a), bacardi & malibu mixed with sf lemon & lime fizzy - 11 sysns

Total 11 syns

ooohhh I still have a hex b left
Can't remember had too many sleeps since then!

Saturday 2nd July - EE day
Breakfast/Lunch - alpen light bar (half hex b) and nectarine
Dinner - had bbq with the old 'uns (aka parents) chicken & veg kebabs with jacket potato and small amount of vege cous cous and a large amount of wine! syns, probably 20 ish

Sunday - not sure what sort of a day that was!
Breakfast - banana & apple
Dinner - couple of slices of hubby's pizza, naughty naughty, too many syns, but technically not a lot of, dare I say it, calories

Monday 4th July - EE day
Breakfast - apple
Lunch - left over chicken & veg kebab with salad and vege cous cous
Dinner - homemade burger with onions, cheese (he a) and pitta (he b), only ate half as decided that I didn't actually fancy it in the end.
Small amount of skim milk in tea & coffee, which I suppose I could count as the other half of my hex a as I didn't eat all my burger.

Well I am hungry now, but don't actually fancy anything, strange.....

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