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maternity clothes in big sizes


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For Cat I presume? Has she/you tried the larger New Look stores? They have a materninty section but I don't know what size they go up to. Or Fashion World online


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Yes it is for Catherine.

Will go and look at New Look website.

I've just been looking at Simply Be website and they have tops

She (Catherine) is after sizes 24 and above. and needs nighties etc to take to hospital

Irene x


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Oh that's no good. Do Evans do a maternity range? They are really expensive though
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I loved ebay for maternity clothes :) - and freecycle wanted ad????


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Hi Irene.... I found just buyin the next size or two sizes bigger than normal clothes better than maternity... Evans nighties are really generous.... and they have a good range.... same with tops too.... I don't think I bought anything maternity..... and I was huge with Charlie especially.... just bought bigger sizes cos when I was pregnant not many places did bigger maternity stuff.....

M & S were doing large maternity wear in 2007 when I was pregnant. Don't know if they still do as I'm not in the UK now. It wasn't cheap but it was OK. I mostly just bought normal t-shirts etc though in bigger sizes.
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Asda do a maternity range but i don't know what their biggest size is - at least a 22 i think.

Will check when i go over there later and let you know if see anything!

Otherwise like a couple of people have said ebay is always worth checking out!
S: 110kg C: 106kg G: 85kg BMI: 39.9 Loss: 4kg(3.63%)
Asda? Sorry it's a no!

Checked their sizes when i went in earlier and they only go up to a size 20. Almost wished i was pregnant!! They've got some lovely summery tops in at the moment!

Sorry my post was no help to you at all! At least you'll know not to bother!
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When I was pregnant I found Next maternity clothes fantastic. They go up to a size 22 but the sizes are huge. I was a size 22 pre-pregnancy and the 22 maternity trousers never fitted me, even at 8½ months,they just kept rolling down :eek:

Babycentre has a 'plus sized and pregnant' forum which I found invaluable. They have a list of online maternity retailers.

Hope that is some help xxx


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If it's primarily nightwear - I would just buy larger pjs/nighties - that's what I did when I was pregnant. It doesn't have to be glamerous to sleep in!!! And I wouldn't want to pay out a lot and I should think maternity night wear is overpriced.
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TBH I just bought 1-2 sizes bigger in night shirts etc. Asda/tesco are good for the hospital as well they get all mucky anyway. I would advise a nightie not pj's just incase she needs a cathetar.

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