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Maximoo's diary - Here we go!

This is my diary as I travel down the LighterLife road, I'm sure there will be a lot of madness on the way, here goes!

Day 1

Its lunch time at work and I'm on my second shake of the day hmmmm strawberry, yummy! This is not my first time on the LL diet, my daughter has been on LL since October and has lost a whopping 7st 2lb on it so far and I'm soooo proud of her.

Lets see where this diary takes us as this is only the beginning! Well I'm off to finish my shake, I so want to get into ketosis soon! xx Maximoo xx
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Hiya Jez and thank you, I'll be fine once I get into ketosis. Work was ok today re. the diet but this afternoon I started to get a little bit hungry so downed some more water and just got on with it. I'm sure in another day or two I will be fine.

Just had my 3rd milkshake of the day - banana it was quiet nice and reminded me of the banana lollies you used to get when I was a kid, not sure what I'm gonna have tonight. Well anyhoo I'm off for a look round the forums xx maximoo xx


is Magdalicious
Good luck maximoo!! I'm sure you'll do phenomenally well esp because your daughter is such an inspiration! :)
Hello Maxi - can't call you moo!
Sounds like your daughter has motivated you.........good luck xx
Day 2

Hiya Slendablenda and magiclove, I don't mind being called moo honest hehe!

My daughter motivates me all the time and I love her to pieces! xx

Well its day 2 and i'm doing ok, just had my second milkshake of the day - banana. The first time I started this diet I had a horrible experience with the soup and would love to try one again just to see if they have changed (I can't stand them at the minute!).

I'm drinking loads of water too and just remembered how much you visit the toilets on this diet lol

I've got a weigh in on Sunday morning just to check on me and then my official weigh-in's are Wednesday evening. So bring it on, I'm really ready to lose some weight!

Maximoooooo (hehehe) xxx
Hello, Maxi (moo), and GOOD LUCK! You will get brilliant support on here. I'm really impressed by your daughter's losses - and sure you can do the same!! Good to hear you're already drinking loads of water - it really does help.


Playing the Angel
Heya Maxi (sorry I can't call you moo as it is one of my sisters nicknames and I would probably confuse myself!! )

So glad it is going well for you, hang in there , every day is a little easier and by Sunday you will have lost weight!! How cool is that???

The water helps indeed, and yes, I am like an old lady atm the amount of times I have to go to the loo!!!

Hiya Spangleymum and Jezabella ok I'll be Maxi then lol thats part of my middle name anyhoo :D

Well i've got home from work and had my vanilla milkshake (my fav at the mo) but I'm aware of sticking to the same one will ultimately make me hate them lol so I will carry on alternating the flavours.

I cant stop going to the loo at the min and definately feeling like a old lady at the moment haha hope that changes soon :sigh:

At Christmas I got quiet a lot of pampering bits so I'm having a pamper night, lurvley xx Maxi xx
We're going out to Chinese Restaurant to celebrate my best friend's man's 50th. First real test, but I know I'll be okay.
Will try and remember to ask OH to take a photo so I've got a new before and after.
Day 3 - Saturday 8 January

Hiya Jezzabella I hope your evening went well and you felt nice and relaxed after your pamper!

Slendablenda hope your night out went well at the chinese restaurant it must have been hard for you.

Well my day has been okish, during the day we went to see o.h. parents and then have spent a relaxing afternoon / evening indoors.

I've found it a little harder at the weekend I guess because I've got used to having nibbles and treats. Not that I'm going to break the diet, but I guess i'm realising what habits I've gotten into.

I also think I might be in ketosis as I don't feel hungry, I've got another shake to go tonight and thats it for today.

Tomorrow is my half week weigh in and I've also got to remember to pick up 7 of my packets that my counsellor forgot to pack in my bag - I only found out when I got home on Wednesday so I gave my LLC a quick call and she apologised, I don't know why I didn't check before when I've done this diet before I always checked, hey ho, no damage done.

Can anyone tell me when I can have the bars? I'm on day 4 tomorrow so would like to get some if I can. I remember the cranberry ones being yummy. I might get some porridge too.

Well nearly the end of day 3 and I've been 100% - go me! Taking one day at a time xx Maxi xx


Playing the Angel
Hey Maxi sounds like all is going well for you, my evening was very nice :) Bars after 3 days so def pick some up, I had my first yesterday also the cranberry because they are divine!! never liked them initially but now they are my fave!!! Hope all goes well for the weigh in, looking forward to hearing your news. I was going to do a mid week today, but oops overslept, so will just leave it for tuesday which will be a full week. Hoping for a nice result!

Hiya Jezabella

I'll definately be getting some bars tomorrow then! Glad everything is going ok for you and wish I'd slept in today but woke up really early and that was it, wide awake, bang went the lay in lol

I've just had the banana milkshake and its ok, i'm in two minds whether I like this milkshake or not as it tends to repeat on me a bit.

Would love to try a soup just to say I have, but really unsure what to have b.t.w. I can't stand the thai one, last time I had that I physically gagged!:jelous: xx Maxi xx


is Magdalicious
Not a fan of soups either. I have the occasional tomato but only after I put some boullion in it. I live off porridge, vanilla shake and nut fudge bar. I never get bored of those!
Day 4 - Sunday 9 January

Hiya Magiclove, I've picked up some porridge from my LLC this morning so I'm going to give them a go, also picked up 2 nut fudge bars so I'll see how they taste.

Still haven't got the courage to try the soups, maybe I will get one on Wednesday but I doubt it lol

Well I've lost 9lb on my mid week weigh in and i'm really pleased, but still missing food although no hungry its a strange feeling to have.

O.h. has just cooked himself and my son some sausage rolls and they smell delicious, but its not going to put me off of this diet. My daughter is back from her weekend away this evening so it will be great to get some more motivation.

Anyhoo will post later xx Maxi xx
You sound really focused, maxi moo. Good for you! Just remember: only you are in control of what you consume! I've just cooked a delicious dinner for my family and am having to remind myself of this as the smells come wafting through!!
Day 5 - Monday 10 January

Thanks Spanglymum and Jezebella xx

Well its coming to the end of day 5 and I'm still 100% yay! I've decided that I'm going to focus on just a day at a time and get through this that way.

I had a craving when I got into work, but I guess thats because on a 'usual' day I would have something to eat as soon as I got in - so as I was not hungry - I know that it must be a habit, just like when I gave up smoking, hmmm so much to think about when your on this diet, it certainly open your eyes!

I've also had the broth for the first time and its quiet nice really and definately made a change from black coffee.

There is also 2 things I have found out from yesterday;

1) Porridge is blurghhhhhhh
2) Nut fudge bars - yep interesting (guess the person who made this bar had never tasted nuts or fudge!)

Sorry but thats my own personal opinion. My favs are vanilla and strawberry milkshake and cranberry bars, I also don't mind banana and at a real push chocolate.

So now that I'm coming to the end of day 5 what do I think, yep, roll on day 6 xx Maxi xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Well done maximoo! You're doing brilliantly! :)

I've gone through definite phases with the packs and bars... I think your tastes must change as you progress, and 'real food' tastes becomes more and more of a distant memory... making certain packs become more or less appealing! For example... loved the vanilla shake the first 2 weeks... Now can't even bare to smell it! Lol...

And the porridge... well, I felt the same way... but now, I'm just pleased to have something that actually can be eaten with a fork! ;)

The nut fudge bar for me, fills a void... as it's the most filling, substancial bar I think, and so is quite nice to spend a bit of time over! Shame you don't want the soups, but that may change! Trust me, if anyone had said I'd like porridge at the start of this, I'd have said 'noooo way'!! But look at me now! :)

Well done on your loss so far... really doing well!


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