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Extra Easy May have to leave my local group:(

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Unfortunately due to my work hours over then next several weeks I may have to leave my local support group as I've already missed the last 2 meetings over Xmas due to being away and am working on the night of group for the next 2-3 weeks then have the next 2 free but then working on the next 2-3 meetings again so am considering just doing it from home and weighing myself each week on my wii fit?
Does anyone else do this? Also would I lose access to the syn calc on the website also if I leave my local group??
Hope someone can give me some advice as really don't wanna give up as I never seem to stick to anything but this I really want to lol x
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I think you would. You could always sign up online?


Now to maintain.....
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definately explain the situation to your consultant and see if anything can be sorted,they have excellent arrangements for shift workers.
and yes you would lose access to the online stuff-its for members only.
Hi, I work shifts too, remember that you can go to any slimming world class, there are a few classes in the mornings in most areas, or try a different day etc?

I really, really, really wouldn't try to do it on your own, as I've tried this many times and only last a few weeks before the discipline goes, it's up to you though hun x


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I think you should have a chat with your consultant - it may be that you go to an alternative group some weeks, but she will understand that's not your choice (or, even if you have to leave she will know that it isn't anything personal).

Good luck - I hope you find a way of staying at the group you enjoy (even if not every week).

S: 10st8lb C: 10st5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st3lb(2.03%)
I am already down as a flexible shift worker thing as I did explain when I started that I would possibly work erratic shift patterns etc but I didn't go for the last 2 weeks over Xmas and new year due to being away seeing family etc and then what with me working the next 2 weeks and then only having possibly 2 weeks free where I could attend but your right I'll speak to him and see what he suggests x
Also I couldnt attend the other meeting in my area as that is on a Tuesday night and I will be working that night too :(

If worst comes to worst I may have to commit the worst sin and go weight watchers instead as they have their local meeting in the mornings at the same place although that will only happen if all other route to keep on here fail x


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Hi I also have problems getting to a meeting and cannot afford to shell out £60 for online so i do it with the help here and weigh myself at home.. It's not ideal as you dont have the help of a consultant or a group weigh in to keep you on track but if you are determined and log a food diary everyday then is can work and save you some money. I used to do WW and could attend one of their classes but to be honest i got very very bored of weighing and pointing.

I stopped over xmas and am back here as i have gained what i lost OOps
S: 10st8lb C: 10st5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st3lb(2.03%)
Well my sisters both do SW so if needs be I can get one of them to check anything online and would probably use this forum for help etc x
Plus hubby's works away so would mean I'd have to keep asking round for lifts to get to and from group x
I have my family to keep me on track as refuse to admit I failed and gave up on something AGAIN lol x
I can't afford the £80 it cost to do it online ( as I'm presume the £60 it is at the moment it just a temp thing as it's says it's normally £79.95 In brackets underneath x

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