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Maybe a newbie

Hi everyone,

You might know me- I potter around the groups occasionally throwing in my opinion lol. I am an SWer and have been for a few years on and off.

My heaviest was 18 stone 4 lbs and over these few years i've gone up and down no more than a couple of stone. I am now 17 stone 7 lbs so not my heaviest but still, I feel like I have made no progress.

I feel like this is a bit of a now or never time for me. I am only 22, but then three years ago I was only 19 and saying I would get this weight off- but it hasn't happened.

I suffer hugely from binge eating. At the moment I am stressed out with life generally- university work etc and tonight I went to the shops and bought (sorry for everyone SSing) a bbq wrap, two profiterole desserts and a big easter egg (which came with two tubes of smarties) and I ate it all pretty much in one go- and frankly, after the bbq wrap I wasn't hungry anyway and now I just feel rubbish.

The reason I am thinking of switching to CD is because I have these big issues with food and by taking food away I'm hoping I will be able to deal with these issues.

Anyway, sorry for the length of this but I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.

Skinny x
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morning skinny..

i was the same as u years ago, when i went to pick the kids up from school, even though it was a 2 minute walk, id go in the car via KFC, id buy 2 meals because i couldnt decide what to have:eek:, then go the shop for sweets for dessert, just pure greed! i had to do it the hard way and just stop doing it, yes it was hard but my son coming home after being in trouble for defending his 'fat mam' was the push i need.
i lost 3.5 stone and got down to wot i am now, i dont eat half as much now but i just need to loose the last 3 stoneish and ive started the cd today... i KNOW it going to be hard the 1st few days but i HAVE to do it, not for any1 else, but for ME.
You NEED to do it for yourself and no-one else i think...
the maintenence at the end when u get to goal is important, as my cdc explained it teachs u abpout portion control and how to eat 'healthly'..your councellor is there to talk you through your issues with food, and give you healthy options.. its about re-training yourself and your mind about food.
have a good think about it and im sure there loads on here that will give u advice aswell.

sorry if thats a bit long winded but cd is MY way of shifting the extra weight and getting to goal, and if you look at the sucess stories its worked for sooo many people aswel..

good luck with it and do whats right for you..

Lisa Marie

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I'd say go for it chick. It's the best thing I ever did. I'm 36 now and wish I'd done it when I was in my twenties. Like you I needed to take food out of the equation for a while and it really does help, I don't crave for sweet stuff anymore.

Do it what have you got to lose apart from weight lol.

Good luck x
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SkinnyMalink....i am...im not going to say was because im not silly enough to think that 22 days on this diet is going to cure me of binge eating just yet...but i AM a binge eater- worse still i always did it in private. I would go to the supermarket and buy bags of snack a jacks, sandwiches, a cake, some crispbreads, biscuits and frigi milkshake and i would go upstairs and eat it all...feeling utterly ashamed of myself and rubbish when i did it. I think im realising its because it was always on my mind that food was the enemy and it was always on my mind that it was wrong to eat food and enjoy so id try and derprive myself for a certain amount of time and give in.

However, after putting on three and a half stone in 6 months...i finished uni myself as im only 22...i got a bit depressed and just ate and ate and the binges became more regular. Its only since doing cambridge that my attitudes to food have started to change. Ive realised i dont NEED the food to be happy and that life is more than just living to eat (as obvious as it sounds its hard to remember that at times)

Although its hard work its the best thing ive ever done and i dont say that lightly. If your committed you will reap the benefits and love it! it took me about 3 months on weightwatchers to lose half a stone before i started...but ive got my weigh in in about an hour and im hoping she'll say what i think she will which will mean almost 20 pounds in 22 days!

Taking food out of the equation has definately forced me to confront my issues with it and work with them....making me realise i never want to be in that unhappy dark place again.
I honestly couldnt recommend CD enough...as long as your minds in the right place which it seems like it is to me id go for it! Sorry for waffling its just i can identify 100%!

heya, god i could have written your post. Me and food was like a bin I could literally put any amount of food in my belly and not feel sick not ever full etc. im only22 also and have said for the past 4yrs every jan yeah ok im getting this weight of. haha what a laugh i did manage 3stone one yr with WW but gave up to hard! :( tried lipotrim ewww!! But then found cd this jan have never looked back since. Going from 20stone 6 to under 17 now is just fantastic. If i was you i would go for it, its hard at the beginning but you learn to deal with it. after all what is a couple of months out of your life to do this? I felt so embarresed going out pubs disco's everything just got to me i think thats why i comfort eat alot. Also doing this for my health and my little girl. dont want her having a fat mum when she starts school etc.

xx becky xx
Thank you, it helps knowing that others are in very nearly the exact same boat as me! I think the thing to do is give my local CDC a ring and have a chat about what to do. I have a rugby tour in a couple of weeks, which means less rugby and a diet of alcohol and not much else so I appreciate that right now may not be the time to start, but I will see anyway.

Thanks for the replies :)

Skinny x

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