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maybe a silly question lol


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okay so with EE 1/3 plate ALWAYS superfree i totally been doing that (since wednesday (2 days 100% now :) ) anyway lat night i made Slimming world spag bol from the book... and was busy cooking etc and forgot all about 1/3 superfree but in book was just a picture of spag bol as dinner.... does the things i added class assuperfree :confused:
sorry i sound silly just really want it 2 work :)
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if 1/3 of the plate is superfree then its fine. It doesnt matter if its in a sauce etc


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well the recipe ingredients are:

chopped tomatoes
extra lean mince

will tht be okay?

and thankyou telling me abourt it being in sauces :) i've wanted to ask my consultant but in meeting she does asked questions (she dont say whos asked them) but i'd feel silly lol,


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You don't have to worry about the bolognaise as it contains a good amount of superfree veg but it's a good idea to still have a side of steamed, roasted, boiled, or raw veg in addition to whatever veg might be in the dish itself. More veggies can only be a good thing! Think of all the fibre and vitamins! :D


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i'm worried about my weigh in now anyway :(
when was writing my diary in sw book last night realised i hadn't had any syns (not on purpose) and worried it effect my weightloss :( was goingfor every day 100%

Mrs V

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Not having any syns will not effect your loss Hun. I used to have at the most 1 syn a day before upping mine to 10-15. I still lost weight its only recently Im using mine for crisps and chocolate, gravy and mayo. Dont panic!


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thankyou :) i am trying only use 10 syns as going on holiday in 6 weeks and trying get in my last years summer clothes (there a little too tight!) be nice to b able to breath in them lol... however i thought it would effect it in bad way not having any :( so thats made me feel better :)

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