Maybe joining you again!

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Restarting is definitely one of the hardest things to do. I think the first time you do something is always the easiest! Lots of people struggle to get back into a diet again so you are not alone.

You could try an alternative total food replacement diet. There are some great diets available to order online like exante, or the new you diet, or even try cambridge or lighterlife if you want the counselling.

Maybe the change and fresh start will give you a new sense of committment! :)

Good Luck with whatever you decide! xox


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Make sure you are in the right mindset for starting..

otherwise it will be 10 times harder and you will never make it!
How long did you last the first time round?
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
I agree with chelly! You really have to want to do it! Losing weight has to be a MUST for you! If you can get to that place then it will be much easier to restart.



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Loads on here at the min are restarters so you will fit right in! I tried a 2nd go in oct last yr and gave up after 3 weeks of hell on LT. I know now i found it so hard as i wasn't as ready as i thought i was. This time i am so ready and my 1st week has already flown by, good luck if you do decide to join us again!


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Im restarting too... on 2nd day today and ok apart from the cold (prob weather) and tiredness (thats what a sleepless night does).

This is my 3rd real go at LT. I did it in Aug 2007, lost just under 2st getting down to 10st11lb and stopped.... Started again last May and last over 2 stone to get to 10st 4.75lb.... I had regained!

This is my 3rd time and I am going to get to goal this time. I have stopped before getting there in the past.

I'd say keep the 'goal' in mind but dont make it the 'be all and end all'. Being healthy in body and mind is important!

Good luck..


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I echo what Chelly says,,just make sure your head is in the right place, or it will be torture!

It is a good diet, albiet tough, but worth it!

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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Hey, I also put on 2 stone since November..pants eh??
I've had my second attempt today but struggling, don't know if my head is in the right place at the moment...will try again tomorrow!!

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Awh! poor pet that is a bummer that you put on 2st. I remember when you decided to give it up last time. I agree with what everyone has said. You must have your head in the right space for this diet as it is a total committment. Perhaps consider some of the other TFR diets. By all accounts they have the same nutrition etc and many people say they taste better. Have a long hard think about what you really want. If you want to do this you will have tons of support on here for the tough days.


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Hey Kaijo, :( sorry to hear that you have put on weight - but you know that LT works and yes it will be hard but there are plenty of peeps here old and new to help you and support you. :)