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Mayonaise - OMG!!!


Cute, but psycho!
A couple of weeks ago we had to buy normal Hellman's mayo as our shop had run out of the extra light version.
We've since stocked up on the extra light but were just finishing the old jar off...
I always have a table spoon full when we have a salad, and have just checked the syns for the food diary I'm keeping again this week, and OMG - 1 level tbl sp = 5.5 syns!!! As if that wasn't annoying enough, TWO level tbl spoonfuls of the extra light is only 1.5!
I'm so annoyed lol I wasted 5.5 syns yesterday just on one spoonful of mayo!!

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Cute, but psycho!
Yep, true, I know now and won't fall into that trap again - (I wonder what the syn value of salad cream is, I'll have to look, might start having that instead if it's cheaper syn wise)
Makes it even more of a big deal that I lost what I did last week if I'd been doing that all week, might have managed even more if I hadn't done it! lol


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its even less than you think look,i fell into that trap too
Hellmann's Extra Light Mayonnaise, Only 3% Fat 1 level tbsp[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
Original ½ Syn [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[/FONT] Green ½ Syn


Slow but sure....
Yes, lot's of syns - I use Mayo sparingly these days, I am now using Hellmans Fat free vingerette on my salads, not so nice as mayo but it is free.


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I hate the fact that the extra low Hellmans never seems to be on offer when the other 2 are!
what are the sins for the light, not extra light? :)
does it have to helmans extra light or can it be asda extra light mayo and still be the same syns?


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the hellmans extra light is on offer at asda,i went to get some yesterday but got lost going there lmao you would think id never been before,im not sure if its the other makes cause i only like hellmans the others have to much vinegar for my liking i think the light is 2 per tbsp ill go look
I have full fat mayo in the fridge but have to try not to use it.

My DD has a dairy intolerance so I only buy dairy free things to make things easier, and all the light / extra light mayos contain cream (mad, isn't it?)

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